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Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail – Error Resolved


Go Through Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail Error

“I am a Mac User. I am working on iMac G5 laptop. Unfortunately, there was some technical glitch and I Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail . I tried many alternatives among which few of them are jotted below. Still I was unable to resolve the issue. Any leads would be appreciated!”

But first go through the method below:
1. Setup new iMac first via Time Capsule Backup
2. If the restored files on new iMac, copy the necessary data to hard drive
3. Erase hard drive of new iMac and reinstall the Operating System
4. If the process is complete, transfer the files from External Drive to new iMac
5. Update your Operating system after completion of entire task
Note: By this method, the other problems like photos, videos etc can be resolved but except Mails.
So, in such circumstances where the error arises like : Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail, the users need to export MBOX files to PST on Mac Operating System either manually or by an automated Solution. In case, the manual method is a failure, the users can easily opt for instant solution when users are unable to Import MBOX files in Mail

Solve Error “Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail” Manually

  • Put Credentials of Gmail account, which acts as a mediator between Mac Mail MBOX files and Microsoft Outlook
  • Launch Apple mail client and click on Mail >> Preferences
  • In the current wizard, hit on Accounts tab for adding new mail account
  • Select + icon & add Gmail account in Mac Mail program
  • From your service provider window, select Google and then click on Continue
  • Enter your Gmail id and then hit on Next button
  • Put your respective password for the related Gmail Account and then select Next
  • Choose mailbox to be used for Gmail account in Mac Mail and opt for Done option
  • In Account screen, you will get to see the added Gmail IMAP account listed on the left hand side of preview screen.
  • Exit current window and Login your Apple Mail program again
  • After successfully adding the Gmail account in Mac Mail Mailing client, right click on mailbox folder of configured Gmail account. Afterwards, choose the New Mailbox option.
  • Figure out the Location of New Mailbox and provide the name. Afterwards, click on OK button.
  • Import all the MBOX files to Apple Mail account.
  • Open the MBOX file by following the steps mentioned below:
  • In Mac Mail, Go to File option>> Select Import Mailboxes
  • Choose the Files of MBOX Format and opt for Continue
  • Figure out location of MBOX files stored and select Choose
  • After all the steps are complete all files are imported in Apple Mail.
  • Click on Done to continue the entire process
  • If all the steps are accomplished, open messages of sources in MBOX file
  • Choose all messages to be opened in Outlook or the messages that needs to be sifted. Right Click on the messages
  • If you does not require to keep the copy of mails in Mac Mail, select Move To option and select Copy To and afterwards proceed
  • Locate the configured Gmail Account Mailbox created earlier
  • Keep a track on the live messages copied and in case it is completed, check the copied/moved MBOX messages

Note: In case, users want to delete the configured Gmail Account from Apple mail account they can do it as in further steps it is not required.

  • Exit the entire setup and Open Outlook
  • Go to Outlook and then preferences option
  • Select Accounts option from flash list
  • An accounts wizard is displayed in your front you need to click on + icon and afterwards select mail option
  • Provide the credentials used in Mac mail account and then select Add Account Option
  • Till this step, the Gmail account is configured in Outlook
  • Browse the mailboxes of stored MBOX messages from Apple mail account
  • All the MBOX messages are listed in Outlook

Give Instant Solution a Try to Solve Error Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail

Instant Solution: Mac users can download the quick solution to convert MAC MBOX File in bulk & resolve issues in few simple steps.

  • Transfer all the mail items from the selected MBOX files and folders
  • Get display of all the mails along with the attachments in an effective manner
  • Provides option to save as well as export MBOX files into multiple file formats
  • Outlook is not mandatory to perform the MBOX to PST conversion
  • It even provides an option of selective conversion of the files
  • It provides users with option to generate the mails in HTML

Summing It Up!

Many problems arises like Can’t Import MBOX files in Mail while importing in Mac Operating Systems as it requires lot of attention. But, in case of Mac Operating Systems it is completely difficult. The manual approach needs a person to be sound and requires a lot of care and attention. In such circumstances the best alternative is the Instant solution  as mentioned above which can solve all the problems.



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