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Convert Outlook PST to MBOX for Mac & Windows With Smart Techniques


Are you an Outlook user and wants to switch to another MBOX supported email clients like Mac / Apple Mail on Mac OS? Then indeed, you are reading the right blog. Here, we will focus on result-oriented approaches to convert Outlook PST to MBOX for Mac and Windows.

As we all know, MS Outlook application stores the data in PST format and Mac Mail saves the data in MBOX format. Besides Apple Mail, other MBOX compatible email programs include Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Pocomail, Entourage, Opera Mail, etc. Now, to overcome the troublesome manual techniques to export PST to MBOX, we are going to discuss the smartest technique to easily resolve the user’s ever-increasing file migration concern.

Let Us Understand the Circumstances by Reading the User-query:

“When I try to access my Outlook profile, it keeps on hanging and consumes a lot of time to open the application. Because of which, I’ve decided to convert Outlook PST to MBOX format on Mac. This will help me to access the MBOX file on my Mac Mail account on MacBook Pro. However, I am not able to find any direct solution to export Outlook data to MBOX format. Please suggest some reliable solution to implement my need.”

Reasons to Convert PST File to MBOX

  1. Job Change: In case of change of job from one to another people need to perform this file conversion. If the previous company uses Windows Outlook and the new company uses Mac Mail, users want to transfer all the old data from Windows PST to MBOX.
  2. Organizational Requirement: In the current organization, if it previously used Outlook and now it has switched over to Mac Mail. In that case, previous data has to be shifted from Outlook to  Mac Mail for all the employees. So you have to convert PST to MBOX.
  3. Money Matter: Users are probably familiar that Outlook is a paid service while Mac Mail is a free service. It is available as a default email client on MAC OS. This is the reason why conversion from Outlook PST to MBOX takes place.
  4. User Interface: In terms of user interface MAC wins over Outlook. The graphical interface of Mac Mail makes it easier to use compared to Outlook.
  5. Platform Independence: PST file is only compatible with MS Outlook while MBOX file can be used in both Windows and Mac based email clients. For this reason also, many people move their Outlook data to MBOX.

Convert Outlook PST to MBOX for Mac & Windows – A Smart Solution

As the manual solution to convert PST file to MBOX is not a direct and proven method. Hence, availing a professional tool is the only reliable option to process this request. With the help of PST Converter for Mac and Windows, users can smoothly export PST file to MBOX format. Apart from migrating the Outlook data to MBOX format, one can also convert the Outlook PST file to multiple other file formats. By availing the date-filter option, it permits users to export selective emails to the desired file format without worrying about any loss of data. Furthermore, the tool incorporates the facility to apply different naming patterns to the output MBOX file.

Download for Windows

pst converter

Download for Mac

mac pst conversion tool

Steps to Export PST to MBOX File Format for Mac are;

  • Launch the tool on the system and click the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) button to upload the PST file.
add pst file
  • In the next window, select MBOX from the Select Export Type and check the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option.
convert outlook pst to mbox
  • Under Advanced Settings, avail the date filters and categories option to export selective Outlook data
advance settings
  • Provide the destination location to save the resultant MBOX file and hit the Export button to begin the conversion process.
export pst to mbox

Steps to Convert PST to MBOX on Windows are as follows;

Step 1. Start the tool and click on Add File to insert PST data files.

add data files

Step 2. Preview emails and click Export for the conversion.

preview and export selected

Step 3. Select MBOX from the multiple saving formats.

Step 4. Choose destination for output and hit on Export.

export pst to mbox

Now, the converted MBOX file can be easily imported to any MBOX supported email application like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc. without any hassle

Note: Mac PST file converter is now compatible with latest Mac OS X 11.0 (Big Sur) and all above versions.

Author Suggestion

In order to seamlessly convert Outlook PST to MBOX for Mac, one can easily go through this post where we have elaborated a smart and reliable option via tool. With this software, users can not only convert PST file to MBOX format but also to other file formats.