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How to Export Excel Contacts to vCard ⁄ VCF Format

Export XLSX Contacts to VCF

Why do we Need VCF File Format?

To Export Excel contacts to vCard Format to save contacts in various Android, iPhone, Desktop, Email client, Web clients, and messenger services, a file format called vCard is used to share contact information. A vCard file format acts as the standard file format to save contact information about the user. This information can include Personal as well as Professional details of people. It includes User-name, Address Details, Job details, contact details, and much more. According to need, a user can save the information of another user in vCard format. Since the process to import contacts from Excel to Blackberry is different, as blackberry run on their developed operating system.

User Queries

The Subsequent user’s posted scenarios will help users to the understanding need for such transfer contacts from Excel file to Android phone or other different platforms. These queries are collected from various tech forums and social networking sites, where Excel users ask questions.

“I usually save all my professional and personal contacts in Excel file and recently I have purchased Macbook. Now, I want to transfer contacts from Excel file to Android phone so that I can access them anywhere. But, I do not have so much technical knowledge about this. So, kindly someone suggests to me that how to transfer contacts from Excel to Android phone directly. Thank you!”

“Hello! I want to transfer phone numbers from excel to android or other platforms like iCloud, and email clients, etc.. In addition, I just want to export contacts from excel to an android phone in a quick and proper manner. Can someone recommend me any efficient technique for the same? Thank you in advance.”

Need to Export Excel Contacts to vCard Format

People also use another file format called XLS or XLS extension to save user details in a tabular format. This format used for various purposes, including user details. It helps a user to export a large number of Excel contacts to VCF format, Sometimes it required time and effort to add contacts in various devices (Mobile) and Email clients. In such scenarios, SysTools Excel to vCard Converter comes in handy. Download the software here:


In Various Organizations and companies still, Excel files used to store contacts information But the problem occurs when the user not able to move Excel file into other devices & not able to view these saved excel contacts as standard formats. To view complete contact details, a user needs to export Excel contacts to vCard Format. Today VCF File acts as a digital contact card to save people information.

Benefits of Converting Excel Contacts to VCF File Format

With the help of vCard Format, a user can easily share information on various Digital platforms such as Email Clients, Messenger Application, Whatsapp, Cloud, Android, and iPhone Devices. As these platforms to export Excel contacts to vCard uses a different format to import and export contacts. A User can view and read all the information in a mentioned platform without using other external software.

How to Export Excel XLS Contacts List to vCard Format

Let’s explore the manual method to export Excel contacts to vCard file format. As the manual method is also available to export Excel contacts to Vcard format, but while exporting excel contacts to vCard format different problems faced by the user such as all fields no properly exported, missing contact details, Mapping error, etc.

The trick to Export Excel Contacts to VCF Format

1. A user needs to first maintain the Excel file in Proper Structure So that the user doesn’t get any kind of missing field error.

export excel contacts to vCard

2. Now Save this .xls or .xls file into CSV Format. To save a file in CSV Format.

3. Now type Win + R or Click on Start button and type Contacts.

4. In Contacts windows, Select “Import” from the Navigation Bar.

5. Now select the CSV or Comma Separated Value Field.

6. Now Browse the Location of CSV File within the System

7. Select the Desired CSV File and Click on “Next” option of CSV Import Interface

8. Now User needs to Map the Attributes of Excel file with Text filed to Export Excel contacts to VCF properly.

9. After complete the mapping of Excel field to the text field, click on the “Finish” button and Again select CSV or Comma Separated Value option.

10. A user can now able to see the imported contacts from the excel file. Now select the contacts, a user needs to export into VCF format.

11. After selecting, Click on “Export” option and select “vCard (folder of .vcf Files)”.

12. Browse the location, a user need to save the exported contacts within the system. Click on the “Export” option again.

Trouble-Free Method to Export Excel Contacts to vCard File

To Export Excel contacts to VCF format, a user can go for Automated Excel to vCard Converter to convert large numbers of excel files into .vcf format. As software allows users to convert contacts into different vCard format extensions supported by different applications. You can export an empty email address, without losing any single bit of data. The software also allows the user to export multiple excel contacts files into a single vCard only.

Follow the steps below to export Excel Contacts to Card:

  1. Download and launch Excel Contacts to vCard Converter
  2. Click on Add File (s) button and add the Excel Contact file. Click Next
  3. Map all Excel Contacts Fields with vCard fields and click Next
  4. Select vCard v3.0 or v4.0 and create single vCard for all contacts. Click Convert

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From the above methods, we can conclude that we can export Excel contacts into a vCard file but a user needs to be careful while performing steps, otherwise important data can be lost or field can be wrongly placed in the contacts (VCF) file. To avoid these kinds of errors in the process to export Excel contacts to vCard, an automated solution is the best solution to export Excel contacts to vCard contact files.