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Easiest Way To Delete Watermark In PDF

Admin ~ Published: 07-Feb-2022 ~ PDF File ~ 5 Minutes Reading

The Watermark adds a professional touch to the PDF document. It can get very annoying in certain instances if you are unable to see the document’s internal text due to watermark insertion. Though a watermark is the greatest way to prevent copyright theft, it will distract you from reading the paper. It will be a hindrance when reading big information. In such cases, your only choice is to delete the watermark from the PDF file.

However, you can easily remove the watermark from the pdf? This tech post will explain the entire procedure of how to delete watermark in PDF. We are going to showcase two methods to accomplish this task. But first, let’s learn what are the reasons that motivates users to erase watermarks from PDF.

“This PDF file has watermarks that are interfering with my reading, therefore I’d want to get rid of them. An error warning appears when I try to erase a watermark in Adobe Acrobat, stating that I lack the required permission to do so. What can be done to fix this problem?” – USER QUERY

In the upcoming section, we are going to showcase the methods to erase the watermark from the PDFs. Our first tool is Adobe Acrobat reader. If you have don’t have Adobe Acrobat paid version then jump to the professional solution.

Why Would Someone Want to Delete the Watermark from PDF Document Files?

A user may want to remove a text or picture watermark from document files for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

  1. Occasionally, the watermark complicates part of the text while reading. Due to this users won’t be able to understand the actual text of the PDF.
  2. Whenever you want to be reuse/update, they face complications at that time. This causes problems for certain users when they want to update an existing file or create a new one using its reference.
  3. When a user headed to make changes to the watermark. This problem is often faced in the case with development copies or draft papers in the corporate and govt. sectors.

These are some of the examples we discovered when doing a study on watermark problems. However, there are many others too. Now that we know the reasons to delete the watermark from PDF, we can move to the solution section. We will cover different methods for removing the watermark from PDF files. Choose whichever is suitable for you.

How To Delete Watermark In PDF Manually

If you already have an annual subscription to Adobe Acrobat, then this method would be useful for you. If don’t want to buy expensive premium only to delete the watermark, then you can move to the next budget-friendly solution.

Follow these steps to remove the watermark using Adobe Acrobat

• To start with, launch Adobe Acrobat on your system.
• Then, open the PDF file from which you want to remove the image/text watermark.
• Click on Tools and then on Edit PDF.
• Select Watermark and then on Remove Watermark.
• Confirm that you want to remove the watermark by selecting the “Yes” option.
• Save the PDF file by clicking the “Save” option.

Now learn the removal of the watermark without using Adobe Acrobat solution using a fully Automated Method.

How To Delete Watermark In PDF in Easiest manner?

PDF Watermark Remover is one of the finest options for removing watermarks from PDF files. The software is a completely reliable tool for confidential PDF files. It can perform batch watermark removal from PDF files.

The watermark remover tool provides users a variety of features without altering the document by keeping them in their original form.

1. Remove the Watermark from PDF Files in Bulk
It is programmed for bulk removal of watermarks from PDF files. With this software, users can simply upload several PDF files from their local device and perfrom watermark erasure. Additionally, users can delete unwanted PDF files using the delete PDF file option.

2. Displays a PDF Page Preview
Once you’ve added PDF files to the software, the tool will provide a preview on the software panel. You can analyze how your PDF file will appear once the picture watermark is removed.

3. Preserves the Integrity of the Data
The tutorial includes many advanced options that enable users to remove picture watermarks from PDF files while retaining associated properties. Additionally, you can store files in a new folder once the picture watermarks have been erased.

Steps to Delete Watermark In PDF

Execute these steps to erase watermark from PDF in a single process:

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your computer.

Delete watermark in PDF files using SysTools automated tool

Step 2: Click the Add Files or Add Folder button to begin adding PDF files.

Step 3: Specify a new destination location for the watermark-free PDF files. Additionally, you can print PDF files without the watermark.

Step 4: To remove the picture watermark from the PDF document, click the Remove option.

Now you can access the watermark-free PDFs from the earilier chosen location to save them.


We have seen many situations in which users seek a dependable method to delete watermark in PDF. One of the greatest features of the software is that it is accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Therefore, download the software and fix all problems in a matter of seconds.