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How to Eliminate Watermark in PDF? Best Extraction Ways

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Summary: This article is an overview of how to eliminate watermark in PDF files and the best ways to execute it. Reasons why a watermark needs removal from the PDF document is also defined and discussed. There are different procedures to extract a watermark from PDF and among the best are noted down.

PDF, expanded to a Personal document file, is a widely used format to save the important and confidential set of data within a person. As technology advances, new things get introduced, and we have to deal with it as it comes. Many ways of preventing PDF from getting from appended has been introduced. One main prevention being adding watermark to PDF.

This prevents the PDF with all forms of digital modifications. As it is a method of PDF data prevention, it also calls for an issue in some situations. To deal with such problems, we are forced to eliminate watermark in the PDF file.

Here, we will be concentrating on such techniques that are designed for watermark removal. Before that, we look over the cases where watermark removal becomes a necessity.

Need to Extract Watermark from PDF File

A watermark in PDF may fail us in any among the following cases:

  1. The Watermark is hiding some parts of the information in PDF that is being difficult to read.
  2. The text watermark needs to be removed (eg; SAMPLE, DRAFT) for proceeding to the next level of functioning. Cases are seen in the project documentation.
  3. Replacing Image watermarks as it does not relate to the information.

These above reasons might come up with the way that turns you in removing text watermark in PDF file. The sections below are some solutions on how to get rid of the watermark in PDF. Compare the methods and try the best that suits you.

How to Eliminate Watermark in PDF Documents? – Best of 2020

The awarded best methods in watermark removal techniques presented below one after the other. View the procedure followed and the features provided to get the best among to use with

#1: SysTools PDF Watermark Deleter

Systools PDF Watermark Remover is a professional application to extract watermark from PDF documents. The utility offers to eliminate text and image watermarks from multiple PDF files. The application proves to be efficient by having the function of extracting multiple Acrobat watermarks from multiple Adobe PDF files.

download button

Steps to Eliminate Watermark in PDF Document

Step 1: Install and Run SysTools PDF Watermark Remover

start PDF Watermark deletion tool

Step 2: Click on Open PDF and Add PDF files

Add pdf files

Step 3: Select Browse option and choose a location to save PDF files

select location to save PDFs without watermark

Step 4: Click on Next and hit the Start button to eliminate watermark in PDF

start watermark elimination process

This process will eliminate all the watermarks (text/image) in the PDF documents.

Extensive Features in SysTools PDF Watermark Extractor

  1. Erase Text and Image watermark from PDF documents
  2. Get rid of Watermark from secured PDF files
  3. Data integrity maintained during watermark removal
  4. Delete Logo, Stamp, Signature watermark from PDF files
  5. Eliminate all watermarks from multiple PDF documents

Visit Homepage: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/pdf-watermark-remover.html

#2: Adobe Acrobat DC / Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat is a well-popularized application to deal with PDFs. The application offers to extract the watermark from PDF documents. It can remove all forms of text and image watermark from multiple PDF files.

Steps to Remove Watermark from a PDF

1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC and open the PDF.

2. Go to Edit PDF option

Edit PDF option in Adobe acrobat

3. Choose Watermark option, move down to Remove option

watermark remove option

4. Click Yes on the Pop-up and Save PDF file

click yes to eliminate watermark from PDF

Steps to Remove Watermark from Multiple PDFs

1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and close all opened PDFs

2. Got to Tools >> Edit PDF >> Watermark >> Remove

3. Click on Add Files and select PDF files

4. Choose Filename preferences and click OK to execute

Features of Adobe Acrobat DC

  1. Extract watermark from single multiple PDF files
  2. Delete text and image watermarks from PDF documents
  3. Option to remove watermark of Acrobat PDFs only

Visit Homepage: https://acrobat.adobe.com

#3: PDF Watermark Extractor

PDF Watermark extraction tool is another watermark deletion utility to get rid of image watermarks from PDF files. It offers to select the image watermark in PDF to be deleted manually. This does not affect the text watermarks in any manner. Only image watermarks will be removed from the PDF file.

Steps to Extract Watermark from PDF File

1. Launch PDF Image Watermark Remover

2. Select PDF file

3. Choose the image watermark to be removed

4. Click on Next and select multiple PDF files

5. Click on Remove watermark option and Save as option

6. Choose the location to save files

Features within PDF Watermark Remover

  1. Option to remove all images from the PDF
  2. Remove selected image watermark from all PDF files
  3. Remove image watermark from original files

Visit Homepage: http://www.pdfwatermarkremover.com/

This lasts the list of methods to extract a watermark from the PDF file. Now, you might have got an idea on how to eliminate watermark in PDF documents. Try the techniques to know which one completes your task efficiently.