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Microsoft 365 Tenant To Tenant Migration – Top Solution Explained


How to perform Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration? This question is not new now, it has been raised multiple times by the users of Microsoft 365. These days, it becomes a hot topic to talk about. As, organizations have adopted cloud-based technologies, making things convenient for their employees to work remotely.

And there are scenarios like business consolidations, mergers, acquisitions and etc when organizations have to undergo multiple types of data migration including migration between tenants Microsoft 365.

But unfortunately, there is no direct method or tool provided by Microsoft till date, through which users or administrators can perform these migration projects in Microsoft 365.

What are the Possible Ways for Migration Between Tenants in Microsoft 365?

We can consider two ways for this task, the first is the manual approach and the second is the automated approach. Let’s discuss each scenario. As, the manual approach has its own limitations and it also requires great technical knowledge, making it difficult for users to use this approach. The manual approach for Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration, consists of running PowerShell cmdlets scripts. And minor mistakes in these scripts can create multiple errors in this migration project.

Along with this it can create a communication halt and hamper the running business. Therefore, organizations must understand the downtime involved in this migration process.

Hence, with this article, we have come up to deliver a step-by-step guide to perform Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration safely without any hindrance by using a professional automated tool.

Simplest Way for Migration Between Tenants in Microsoft 365

Many IT experts recommend using a third-party professional tool for carrying out data migration in Microsoft 365. Therefore, it is suggested to use Office 365 Migration Tool, a tried and tested reliable tool that can seamlessly perform Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migration. This tool ensures maximum data protection throughout the whole process while keeping the data intact. Follow these steps to perform this migration safely.

Guided Steps To Carry Out Microsoft 365 Tenant To Tenant Migration

With just in few clicks, you can carry out the whole migration project in this utility. This utility is capable of taking place in multiple types of data migration projects with 100% data security and integrity.

1. Download & run this utility on your computer, open it and select Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platforms in order to perform Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration.

2. Now from the workload selection, select the desired categories like email, contacts, calendars, and documents. You can use the Date-Based filter to migrate data selectively according to a specific date range.

3. Here, in this step you have to log in with the Admin credentials like Admin ID and Application ID and validate permissions by clicking on the validate button. And click on Next in order to perform a migration between tenants in Microsoft 365.

4. In order to arrange all the associated users of the source and the destination accounts, you can create user group mapping and order to do the same. This utility gives us three different options such as Fetch Users, Import Users, Download CSV. You can use any of them and create user mapping.

5. Once, the mapping is done, click on the Validate button to validate all the users of the source and destination accounts.

6. Now you can click on the Start Migration button. The process will start and it would take few minutes to complete the whole process in order to perform Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration.

Features Make This Utility One Stop Solution for Migration Between Tenants

By using this utility you can simplify the complex migration task. This utility comes with an option for three different types of re-run migration: Retry Failed Items, Re-Run Full Migration, Delta Migration. And here are some of the advanced features integrated into this utility.

  • Category Based Migration – You can choose the categories of data you want to migrate like emails, contacts, calendars, and documents.
  • Selection-Based Data Migration – This feature allows users to migrate data of a specific date range by using Date based filter.
  • Data Integrity – This is the most remarkable advanced feature, that keeps the original data intact throughout his whole process of migration in order to perform Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration.
  • Priority Wise Account Migration – This feature allows users to set priority os specific accounts to be migrated first. They can mark a star icon given in the utility, in order to prioritize user’s accounts before the migration process starts.

Concluding Words

Working with migration projects in Microsoft 365 could be a mind hurdling and laborious task, to make it easier we have provided a guide to do the same without any hassle. Given tool can greatly help users in performing Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration without any hassle. Even a novice user can easily execute this operation with 100% data security & integrity.


Can I use this software for free trial, just to checking it’s working?
Yes, the utility comes with a free demo version. Users can easily avail themselves of a free demo by downloading it. Then, they can verify its working and performance by migrating two user accounts as it allows users to migrate 2 user’s accounts for free.

Can we use the Office 365 accounts while migrating with this tool?
Yes, this utility allows users to use their accounts while migration takes place in background with no effect on the front of Office 365 accounts. This utility makes this process smooth and completely invisible as it runs in the background.

Does this software impose any data size limitation while migrating in Office 365?
No, this utility does not impose any limitations on the data size that are undergoing for migration. Users can migrate tons of data through this software without any complications.