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How to Split PDF into Multiple Files? Both Manual & Automated Solution

Samuel Adams ~ Modified: 08-Jun-2022 ~ PDF File, Tech ~ 5 Minutes Reading

It is a very common user query i.e. how to split PDF into multiple files, especially when the PDF file is big in size. Dividing PDFss into multiple files which are small in size or pages makes those more convenient and reliable to use. So, this article discusses some simple ways for performing this PDF splitting operation mostly over big-sized PDF files even up to the size of 100 MB. Following are some manual ways as well as free applications to split big PDFs into smaller parts.

Instant Solution: To split PDF pages instantly, it is advised to use professional software i.e. SysTools PDF Splitter Tool. You can simply download the free version of the tool from here.

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The advantages of Split PDF into Multiple Files

  • It is easier to open as well as read small-sized PDF files with any of the PDF reader tools.
  • Users can easily share a particular PDF file’s pages or contents with colleagues or friends.
  • If we divide a large PDF file into small parts, then it helps in sharing those smaller files as Gmail’s email attachments
  • If we work with small-sized PDF files then, that aids in searching and reading the info that is needed in a speedy manner
  • Printing into hard copies can be done for required parts of any big PDF file by breaking it into parts and then printing those.

Manual Solution to Split PDF into Multiple Files

Google Chrome can be used to divide large PDF files into smaller files by using its hidden feature for splitting/extracting pages from PDF documents. So below given are the steps which you can follow to split PDF into multiple files with the help of Google Chrome:

  • First of all, open the required big PDF file in this Google Chrome.
  • Then, the next step involves using the print command, which can be done by pressing CTRL+P keys or by simply clicking the icon for Print.
  • And after that, you can print a window that pops up.
  • Once done with this, you can then enter the page numbers required.
  • And finally, you have to click Save.

Another Solution to Split PDF into Multiple Files

By using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC users can split PDF files into multiple parts. For this, they have to follow some useful steps that are described below –

  • Firstly, open and start Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Click on the File menu
  • Choose the Open option to select a PDF file that has to be split
  • Navigate towards the Document menu & click Split Document

You will find a split document screen, choose the options and then click the OK button. The options are –

  • A number of pages: Choose the maximum number of pages per split.
  • File size: Divide PDF file by maximum size.
  • Top-level bookmarks: You need to set up bookmarks before using the option.

Note 1) To split PDF into multiple files click on ‘Apply to Multiple’

2) Click on Add Files option to choose the PDF you want to split & click OK

  • Save output PDF documents at any desired location & click OK.

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Automated Solution to Split PDF into Multiple Files

We have seen different solutions to split large PDF files but there are various limitations to using them. The manual approach is lengthy and time-consuming. Moreover, it requires high technical knowledge. In order to split the PDF files into multiple parts by Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, the user should have its full version, which is not reliable for regular users. Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional tool i.e. PDF Splitter software. This software easily split PDF into multiple files without any difficulty. It is very easy to use and also makes the splitting process a quick one that happens within a matter of a few minutes. Such commercial tools are always suggested and recommended owing to their safe and reliable processes.

Let’s check the working of the tool

Step 1. First, install and launch the tool (available for both Mac & Windows) and click on the Split button.

Split PDF into Multiple Files
Step 2. Add the files you that want to split using the Add Files and Add Folder option

Split PDF into Multiple Files
Step 3. Choose any of the Split Options as per the requirement

Split PDF into Multiple Files
Step 4. Browse the destination location by clicking the Change button

Split PDF into Multiple Files
Step 5. Finally, hit the Split button to begin the process

Split PDF into Multiple Files

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Concluding Lines

In the above article, we talked about some of the easy methods i.e. manual and reliable approaches, to split PDF into multiple files. But manual solutions have various drawbacks also it is not easy as it seems to be. Therefore, it is suggested to use third-party software to split big PDFs into smaller parts.