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2 Best Solutions to Unlock Password Secured PDF Files in 2019

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Many time, you stuck in a situation where you need to open or print a PDF file but you are unable to do the same. This happens due to PDF protection either with owner level password or restriction level password. So, you need to enter the password again and again when you want to access the PDF file. It is a quite frustrating moment. So, people need to unlock password protected PDF files. However, manually it becomes a troublesome process. Hence, in this post, we will tell you the top 2 software to remove security settings from PDF document in 2019. First, let’s have a look at the reasons to remove restrictions from PDF.

Why Do People Need to Unlock Password Secured PDF Files?

People may contain many PDF files with crucial information which cannot be shared. So, it natural that they used to keep them safe with password protection. But, when they require to add or delete some information, it is needed to remove security restrictions. If in case, you forget the password, you need to recreate the PDF password which is not an easy task. That is why people want to unlock password secured PDF files.

Top 2 Tools to Unlock Password Protected PDF Files

In order to remove security settings from PDF document, users keep searching for a reliable tool. As there are many software available in the online market but all of them are not good to use. Therefore, we have discussed the topmost two products to unlock owner password protected PDF documents. Read further to find the best PDF Unlocking solution for you.

1. SysTools PDF File Unlocker Tool

This is the most effective software to unlock password protected PDF files and make them editable on both Windows and Mac machine. This SysTools PDF Unlocker Software comes with multiple advantageous features too which makes users to opt for this utility.

Why to Choose this Tool to Remove Security Settings from PDF

Provides Simple User Interface

This tool is very simple to use as it provides a user-friendly interface that is understandable by both technical and novice user. When you start to unlock password secured PDF file by using this software, it takes only a few seconds and accomplishes the task without any extra efforts.

Remove Encryption from PDF File

The software supports Adobe Acrobat 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, 4.0 etc. PDF with 128/256 bit encryption on Windows OS. Also, it is capable to unlock password protected PDF having AES 128 and 192-bit encryption Mac machine.

Doesn’t Need Permission Password

When people use Mac Preview feature to remove security settings from PDF, but it will ask you to enter the password. If you do not have the password you cannot unlock the document by using Mac preview. But, in this tool, there is no such limitation. You can remove security settings from Adobe document without entering any password.

Key File Authenticity

The best part of this utility is that it is a totally safe application, which does not save your PDF password. Apart from this, it is capable to maintain the file formatting and folder hierarchy and perform the password removing process without losing any single bit of data.

Save Document in New Folder & Create Report

Once the user has unlock password protected PDF file, this tool provides the feature to save the resultant document in a new folder. You can choose any location in your system to save the PDF file according to your choice. Even, this tool can create a complete status report in CSV format on the Mac machine. It contains various information like the selected path, destination path, unlock status, total count, fails count, etc.

2. PCVITA PDF File Restriction Remover Tool

This software provided by the PCVITA is the second software among top 2 tools to unlock password protected PDF file in 2019. This PDF Restriction Remover Software also provides various ingenious features that help users to unlock owner level security from PDF document.

Capable to Remove Various PDF Restrictions

This software can unlock password secured PDF files for the various task such as editing, printing, copying, extracting pages, document assembly, content copying, content copying for accessibility, commenting, form filling, signing, and creating template pages.

Not Needed to Install Adobe Acrobat/Reader

To use this software, there is no need to have an Adobe Acrobat/Reader tool. It is a stand-alone tool, which does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Also, it is user-friendly and can be safely installed and operated by any users without any much technical expertise.

Final Choice

PDF files are really important for any users, as it stores lots of information. So, if it is locked, users have to face trouble. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed the top 2 software to unlock password protected PDF files in 2019 to overcome all the issues. Moreover, both the listed methodologies perform very well and capable to remove security settings from PDF document easily. Both are totally safe and secure from all kind of infected viruses. One just simply needs to download it from the official website and unlock password secured PDF file without any loss of data.