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Get Different Ideas on How to Add Custom G Suite Password Policy

G Suite Password Policy

Google Suite has become well-known than ever. With around three million paying enterprise clients, this cloud-based email app has become one of the most essential productive platforms in the world. But, a challenge occurs while working with G Suite i.e., it is a kind of an island when it is about identity management. Suppose a client’s G Suite password policy is okay for Google services and applications but, it is not getting compatible on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS. Being a responsible business administrator, it is your responsibility to secure users account by enforcing Google Apps Password Policy. This will help in managing and monitoring the passwords strength.

Define the Requirements for Password Length

Take reference from following guidelines in order to set the minimum length requirements for all users. This will eliminate the chances of creating too short password to protect official accounts.

  1. Login into your administrative G Suite account whose domain name does not end with @gmail.com
  2. Click on Security >> Basic Settings on the home page of Admin console screen
  3. Go to the section of Password Strength and mention a minimum & maximum length for user’s password
  4. Update the changes by clicking on Save button

Have A Look on Each User’s Password Strength

Another G Suite password policy states that administrator should keep an eye on the user accounts password length as well as strength. Basically, you have to determine the passwords, which ensures the defined length requirements but, are not capable enough for cloud security purpose.

  1. Login into your Google Admin console to perform this task
  2. Click on Security >> Password Monitoring on the home page of G Suite Admin console
    Note – There might be the requirement of clicking on More Controls to display Security on the Google admin console home page
  3. Have a deep look or you can say analysis on password strength of each and every user.
    The bars length represents the proportional power of the password for each user. These bars can get altered according to the time and on the basis of length requirements & unique set of passwords, which are likely to be vulnerable.

Point to Remember – The strength and length of the password are not displayed, if hashed password is defined through API. It happens because information in such case is not available and, length of the password becomes 0 with a grey bar displayed on the screen.

Impose G Suite Password Policy on Android Work Profiles

A Google Mobile Management system is available in the market to provide ease to end users in securing access over the work applications and information on smartphones. This is a way for admins to guarantee that this protection is via assigning that ‘managed elements are secure with the password, which meets a set of Google Apps Password Policy’.

In today’s date, people prefer using smartphones for official as well as personal purpose. This means that organizations need to ensure that their data is protected even if it is accessed by employees from an unknown location or device. With the launch of this Google Mobile Management system, administrators will be able to assign G Suite password policy. This assigning task will be only for applications that are in the work profile, ensure the protection of the corporate information. Here the idea is to safeguard user’s personal applications along with the enterprise vital information security access.

Well, above all was an introduction and need for a G Mobile management system. Now a question arises that how does it work? For this, an administrator needs to go through following statements:

Go to Google Suite Admin Console screen and then click on Device Management >> Password settings. Here, admin is having reliability to define a password for any of the managed devices and then, mention certain set of requirements. This G Suite password policy will get imposed on all the managed devices, which are in the particular administrative domain.

Also, if the desire of an administrator is to impose password policy only on the work profiles then, he or she can perform this with help of following instructions:

  1. In your G Suite admin console screen, click on Device management >> Android Settings >> Work Profile
  2. Enable the checkbox of Apply password settings only for Work Profile

Remember one thing that this Google password policy will be applicable only on the smartphones in which Android 7.0 and above versions are installed.

G Suite Password Policy With Cloud-based Directory Service

An effective system for G Suite password management system can be CloudCodes. This third-party CASB solution integrates with business Google Apps account and ensures the advance password protection system for its clients. It also renders the feature of Google apps password expiration policy to assure that mail security requirements are fulfilled. If enterprise IT administrators find it difficult and complicated to manage G Suite password policy then, they can opt for third-party service.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 9 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.