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How to Recover Permanently Deleted XLS Files in Windows 10? Stepwise Guide

Nilesh - May 24, 2024 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

A computer is a transferrable storage medium that makes daily life so simple. Computer are moveable, light, and small in size. But, few unavoidable incidents make a hard drive unreadable and then, you cannot access

How to Recover Virus Infected Files from External Hard Drive? Best Approach

Nilesh - May 24, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you use an external hard drive? Are you facing any of the below-mentioned strange behaviors of external drives? If your answer is yes, unfortunately, your hard drive is virus corrupted. Now it is vital

Can I Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR? Recovery in Original Form

Siddharth - May 8, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Do you want to retrieve deleted shows from my dish DVR? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place, where we will provide you with complete solutions for these procedures.

How to Delete Video Clip from Hikivision NVR or DVR? Get Solution Here

Nilesh - May 8, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

This is a common question asked by many users who own video clips: how to delete video clip from Hikivision NVR? how do delete recording from hikvision NVR? Is there any way to remove all

How to Delete CCTV Footage of a Particular Day? Selective Approach

Nilesh - May 6, 2024 ~ 8 Minutes Reading

This can be simple or almost difficult, depending on whether you have access to the camera’s administrator privileges. And now, we’ll cover every possible method for how to delete CCTV footage of a particular day.

How to Recover Corrupted TIFF Files With Image Integrity?

Nilesh - April 30, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you working in a publishing/printing press or as a graphic designer or photographer? Then you will have an idea about TIFF files. Tiff files have been used since 1980 as a standard file format

How to Fix Unable to Open Hard Drive by Double Clicking Error? Solved

Siddharth - April 29, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

As everybody knows nowadays, USB-removable devices are being used by users. These USB devices are one of the major reasons for virus attacks on personal computers. However, when a user transfers data from these devices,

How to Extract Deleted Files from a Pen Drive? Know Here

Nilesh - April 10, 2024 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you looking for a solution to extract deleted files from a pen drive to your PC? If yes! Then, you have reached the right place. Here, we have described an efficient way that

How to Recover Deleted Files from Virtual Machine in an Easy Way?

Siddharth - March 26, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Summary: This post will provide the best methods to recover deleted files from virtual machine. To rapidly restore data from virtual machine, users may use manual methods and advanced recovery software to recover deleted data