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Top 2 Solutions to Export Outlook Calendar to iCal Format


“I have been a MS Outlook user for a long time. For a change, I decided to opt for Mac Mail and have started using the same a couple of days back. However, there are some important events from my Outlook calendar, which I need to export into the Mac Mail. As iCal is the file format supported in Apple Mail, I am not sure with the process to convert Outlook calendar to iCal format. Could someone suggest me some reliable solution to export Outlook to iCal? Earnestly waiting for a quick response!

As we are aware that calendar holds a remarkable place in case of organizing meetings, creating events or in the case of managing the personal schedule and much more. As we humans are bound to forget things to a greater extent. Meanwhile, this calendar play a vital role to remind things and moreover allows to complete the task efficiently, which showers a relief to the users. There could be various reasons to export Outlook calendar to iCal especially in the case of switching the email application from one to another. In order to mitigate this request wisely, we have come up with this post where we will describe the trustworthy solution to export Outlook calendar in iCalendar ICS format in an understandable way.

Well, it is common that users always look out for solutions that can process their need in no time. For the purpose of converting the Outlook calendar to iCalendar format, it is always recommended to choose some trustworthy third-party tool. However, we will focus on both the manual and automated solution to effortlessly perform the conversion process.

Any Manual Approach to Transfer Outlook Calendar to iCal Format?

This is one of the frequently used technique and moreover it is cost-free. However, to export Outlook to iCal, one needs to invest sufficient time and should be a tech-savvy. This is because if any steps are missed to perform by the user, then you will end up with drastic situations like data loss issue. So make sure to follow the steps in sequence.

  1. Initially, launch Outlook application and hit the Calendar button in the navigation panel.
  2. Now, select the calendar, which you wish to convert into iCalendar format.
  3. Then, go to File menu that is available at the top corner and select the Save As option.
  4. After which, you need to Browse a destination location to save the converted iCalendar(.ics) file.
  5. Then, provide the name for the file and make sure that iCalendar format is selected from the Save As type list and click the Save button.
  6. Once the Outlook calendar is converted to iCal format, all you need to do is import the converted iCal file to Apple calendar.

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Overcome All Manual Failures with PST Converter

After implementing the manual solution to export Outlook calendar to iCal, you will realize that the steps are a bit complex. In addition to that, a user must be technically skilled in selecting and exporting the desired calendar from Outlook to iCalendar file format. Therefore, we have come up with a full-fledged utility named, PST Converter. With the help of this software, one can instantly convert the Outlook calendar from the PST file to ICS format. It is exclusively designed with a simplified interface that makes easy for a tyro user to transfer Outlook to iCal format. This converter tool is fully-packed with numerous advanced features that makes the conversion process simple.

Now, it’s no more a challenging task to export Outlook calendar to iCalendar format by opting the right tool!

Bringing It Altogether

Often times, Outlook users come up with the requirement to export Outlook calendar to iCal format. Considering the increasing need of the Outlook users, we have disclosed the manual solution to perform this request in a clear way. However, it also poses a couple of drawbacks. On the other hand, we have also mentioned a professional tool, which is the best alternative over the manual method. So folks, make the best use of the converter tool to transfer calendar from Outlook to iCal file format in a trouble-free way.