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Yahoo to Gmail Migration- Best Guide to Transfer Ymail Emails

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There was a time when Yahoo Email service was one of the most important email clients. Because of its free and open source email server, many of the users have their account on Yahoo. But after facing several ups and down issue, most of the users started to find out the solution to transfer from Yahoo to Gmail.

Instant Solution:  Are you searching for the quick and trouble-free solution to backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail? If yes, then first forward emails from Yahoo to Outlook PST and after that export these PST files to Gmail.

Yahoo to Gmail Migration

Reasons to Export Yahoo to Gmail

1. Security

If we compare Yahoo and Gmail, then there is no doubt in case of security of Google. Gmail provides a strong security that it needs a confirmation at the time of login. Because of this reason, many users are searching for the solution to import from Yahoo mail to Gmail.

2. File Size Attachment

As compared with Yahoo, Gmail provides a large size of file attachment that is up to 200 MB. In case of Yahoo, it provides only 10 MB in its free version also the number of attachment is limited here.

Gmail provides some advanced features also:

  • Gmail window is compatible with short key
  • Labels are arranged in a systematic manner
  • Provision to add mail mark as important, unread, etc.
  • Can easily set up with Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, etc.

Manual Procedure to Switch from Yahoo to Gmail

Step 1: Login Gmail account.
Step 2: Click on “Settings” and then click “Accounts and Import”.
Step 3: Click the option “Import mail and contacts” to convert Yahoo mail to Gmail
Step 4: Hit “Continue” to proceed the steps
Step 5: Login to the Yahoo account in another window.
Step 6: Confirm the “Shuttle Cloud Migration” request by click on “Agree”.
Step 7: Go back to the Gmail window and select the option that has to be imported for next 30 days.
Step 8: After that click the options “Start–> OK–> Process”.

Professional Method to Connect Yahoo mail to Gmail Account

Nowadays, many of the users are trying to forward from Yahoo to Gmail due to its great features that lack behind in Yahoo. Peoples first choice is always free manual methods but they try to jump to professional solutions because of its difficulties like time-consuming, large steps, etc. To perform it in an easy way there are two separate steps available.

Step 1: Convert Yahoo Mails to PST.
Step 2: Export PST files to Gmail

To make the above steps simple. We can go with third-party solutions. SysTools Yahoo Backup is one of the best and efficient utility available to forward Yahoo mails to PST format. So, with the help of this utility, you can complete the first step in an easy way. After that with the help of Outlook to G Suite Migrator tool, you can export these Outlook PST to Gmail.


From this write-up, we can get the whole ideas regarding Yahoo to Gmail migration. One can go with the manual or professional solution according to their requirement. But it is always proffered to use the third-party tools or automated method to get the solution in a quick and easy manner.