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Want to Know Fun Facts About Microsoft Outlook – Just Check Out Here!


When it comes to a versatile and efficient email client then Microsoft Outlook is the ‘King’, ruling the business world. Basically, Outlook is a personal information manager that allows the user to send/receive email messages, manage calendar, store contacts, track tasks etc. In most of the IT organization, Outlook is used very frequently. Still, most of the users are not aware of the fun facts associated with Microsoft Outlook. Thus, in this blog, we are going to discuss some cool facts about MS Outlook.

Lets us Check Out Some Amazing Stuff About MS Outlook!

Things You Might Not Know About Outlook: Dig In Here!

All the users should be aware of the special features Outlook provides. This will help the user to become more productive by utilizing all the features associated with MS Outlook. Most of the Outlook users do not know all the facts about Outlook. Thus, in this section, we are going to introduce some fun facts about Microsoft Outlook.

Forget to Attach a File – Do Not Worry, Outlook Will Remind You!

Sometimes, while composing an email message users forget to attach an attachment with it. Thus, to prevent the user from sending an email without an attachment, Outlook reminds the users that he/she may have forgotten to attach a file. One can halt the sending process, attach file and then finally send the message with the attachment.

Never Miss Important Events, Reservations etc. with Outlook

If the user receives hotel, flight or rental car reservations via an email then Outlook will automatically add these to the user’s Outlook calendar. Moreover, all the information associated such as confirmation or tracking number, links will be maintained by the calendar. With Outlook calendar, make yourself punctual by never missing an important event or task.

Ignore Annoying Conversation and Focus on Work!

Found yourself on an email thread and want to ignore it? By mistake, you are involved in the conversation instead of another person. In such a situation, instead of deleting every single message in the thread, the user can Ignore the entire conversation. All the messages associated with the conversation will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. Moreover, all the upcoming messages in that conversation will bypass the user’s Inbox and will go to the Deleted Items folders.

Leave Your Worries on Outlook About Missing a Vital Message

Waiting for a job offer or a concert pre-sale ticket code? Need to sit and check Outlook messages every time? Thinking about missing an important message? With Outlook, such type of situation does not exist. Outlook’s new item alert is very impressive. Whenever an incoming message meets specific criteria. This alert will display over any other application on which the user is working. So, the user will never miss that message. Now, no chance to miss important emails with Outlook.

Fed Up of Tons of Emails – Clean up a Folder

Most of the users do not have a habit to delete unnecessary emails. In such case, folder such as Inbox is loaded with dozens or even hundreds of messages. Additionally, there are even chances that the folder contains duplicate emails. Now, in this situation, the user can make of Clean Up button to delete many of these messages, leaving only the unread messages or message containing unique information.

Open & Work on Multiple Outlook Windows

Sometimes, the user wants to switch from one window to another to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. Similarly, Outlook users can easily switch between Email, People, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Shortcuts, Add-ins etc. The user just has to select the appropriate button on the navigation pane. To open any of the options in the new Outlook windows, the user has to right-click the buttons and select Open in New Window option.

@Mention – An Amazing Option

Sent an email to multiple co-workers, but want to answer only two of them? In such case, most of the users make use of text effects such as bold/underline, bright font colors to highlight names etc. Now, Outlook users can type @ followed by the name to refer that a particular person. When a user type @ followed by the name, multiple things can be noticed such as:

  • The name is automatically added to the To line of the email message.
  • The name is highlighted in the email message body.
  • When the message is received in the Inbox, one will be able to see the @ symbol in the message list indicating the person mentioned by name.

Holidays Are Such a Relief – Track Public Holidays

Waiting for a holiday? Trying to remember the upcoming public holiday? In such a case, fortunately, Microsoft Outlook can help you. Outlook consists of a holiday calendar for different countries, letting the user track both national and international holidays.

Make Your Memory Sharp with Outlook Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes always work! One can rely on sticky notes for quick reminders. The user just has to press Ctrl + Shift + N from anywhere in the Outlook interface and this will create a new note. One can drag the note anywhere on the screen and set the position. Sticky Notes are really helpful for quick tasks.

Last But Not Least – Security is Major Concern!

Everyone receives junk emails and in such emails, any data can be present that can affect the user’s security. Thus, it is advised to perform actions to block junk mail. In Outlook, click Home > Junk Email options and then a new window will open. In this window, you can identify which sender you want to block as spam.

Enjoyed Reading Fun Facts About Microsoft Outlook?

MS Outlook is really a vast platform when it comes to gaining its complete knowledge. Most of the Outlook users still do not have a complete idea about the features and options offered by Outlook. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed some amazing facts about MS Outlook. It will help the users to know more about Outlook.