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Get Guidance on GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template For UK Firms

Published By Kumar Raj
Aswin Vijayan
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Published On November 30th, 2018
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The EU general data protection regulation is a European union legislation whose purpose is to benefit EU citizens with tons of control over their information. According to this regulation, UK enterprises who deal with EU citizens records will have to enforce GDPR data and privacy rules. The major focus of this data compliance standard is to work on the security of personal information and digital privacy. This means that it is important to design the GDPR compliant privacy policy template for UK industries also. If a UK company is categorized as data controller under GDPR data compliance, it automatically involves the creation of privacy notice. The aim of doing this is to inform data subjects about the company’s privacy policy.

When to Design GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template?

According to the GDPR Article 13, it is being stated that:

  • Whenever you are collecting personal records directly from the data subjects, you must render a privacy notice.
  • When you gain personal information from a second source, you must render a privacy notice, without any sort of undue delay.

Note – If you are owning a UK-based organization but, collecting EU citizens personal data to grow your business globally or for any other purpose, you have to design GDPR privacy policy template.

Designing GDPR compliant privacy policy template is the easiest method to come out in a transparent way and inform end users that their data is going to be processed. It is the simplest means through which UK industries can inform EU customers that they are collecting their information. This template also comprises of the information that gives answer to the questions like – why is data being processed, for how long will UK enterprises be storing it, etc.

Ideas to Design GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template

Being a GDPR compliant, users will be asked to draft a comprehensive and simple privacy policy page. This page should be live on the internet (usually on the official website of industry) so that worldwide users are able to see it. Before the major existence of GDPR compliance, only following things were mandatory in privacy policy template for UK industries:

  • What personal data is to be collected?
  • What are the means of data collection?
  • What are the data security measures?
  • Whether data will be shared with external entities or not?
  • Are end users having any control over their information?

On May 25, 2018, government enhanced the requirements in for a GDPR compliant privacy policy template. So, its time to take look on new updates availed in today’s data compliance standard!

1. Who is the Data Controller?

If you are either the one who is taking control over personal information of EU customers or the one who is using data for some other industry, inform your clients about the same. Give complete information about the individual who is processing the customer’s information, and what is his or her role when it is about data processing.

2. Who is the DPO in Your Organization?

This another point in layout of GDPR compliant privacy policy template for UK industries comprise of the hiring of a data protection officer in premises. It is mandatory to mention in the privacy policy webpage that you have hired a DPO in your firm. Well, the role of this officer will be to continuously check whether the customer’s record is used for the specified purpose or not. Also, it is essential to mention contact information of your DPO on the privacy policy page.

3. Aware Citizens With Their 8 Rights

It is important for a GDPR compliant to aware users with their 8 rights, which are mentioned in GDPR 99 articles.

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right for data access
  3. The right to rectification
  4. The right to erasure
  5. The right to prohibit processing
  6. The right to data portability
  7. The right to object
  8. Rights associated with auto-decision making and profiling

UK companies can cover these rights all in one clause with their privacy policy or can mention each right in a separate clause in a more personalized manner. It is totally dependent on the decision made by company authorities.

4. Are You Transferring Data Internationally?

In GDPR compliant privacy policy template for UK companies, next comes the mentioning of the fact whether customer’s records are getting shared internationally or not? Business customers are having complete rights to be known with this fact. When an enterprise is drafting this template, they have to ensure that this thing is mentioned in their privacy policy page.

That’s All Regarding The Template Designing

Industries are having rights to modify the mentioned details of privacy policy template with change in time and growth in technology. On timely basis, they have to make sure that they are following the guidelines of data processing that they had entered in privacy policy. The language used in GDPR compliant privacy policy template for UK industries should be simple and clear. Rest, all the ideas to design a template are rendered in this post, now begin with designing of the same!