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How to Migrate SQL Database to New Server

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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Want to migrate SQL database to new server? There are four ways to do it:

  1. Use SQL Migrator
  2. Using the Copy Database Wizard
  3. Restoring database backup
  4. Using the Generate Scripts Wizard

Note: Out of these 4 methods, the software will provide you the fastest and automated way to migrate SQL databases to a new server error-free and without any loss of data.

How to Migrate SQL Database to New Server Using the Automated SQL Migrator

It is an absolutely amazing professional tool to migrate your SQL server databases in the fastest and errors-free way.

If you only want to migrate or copy database schema without records you can easily do this with the help of the tool.

It migrate SQL data in 4 Ways:

  • One live Server to Another
  • Live Server to Compatible Scripts
  • Offline Files to Live Server
  • Offline Files to Compatible Scripts

Free Edition permits to export 25 items

Now lets see how to migrate SQL server databases to a new server using this tool!

Step-1: Download the tool, click on ‘Open’. Here you can load the database that you want to migrate.

start migration process

Step-2: Since you are migrating to another server choose ‘Online Mode’. Provide logins and select databases. click OK.

start migration process

Step-3: Once scanning is done, you will be shown the preview of the database. Click ‘Export”.

Preview of SQL Data

Step-4: Here, choose “SQL Server Databse”. Provide logins and other details. Click on Export.

migrate sql database to new server

Copy Your Database to Another Server

Like the name suggests, this wizard helps you to easily move or copy SQL databases and certain objects from one instance of a server to another instance. Perform the following steps:

Step-1: I hope you have already selected a source and destination server.

Step-2: Select the desired database(s) that you want to move or copy.

Step-3: Determine the file location for the database(s).

Step-4: Copy logins to the destination server.

Step-5: Copy other objects, jobs, user-defined stored procedures, and error messages.

Step-6: Lastly, schedule time to move or copy your database(s).

Note: Express edition does NOT contain the Copy Database Wizard. Also, there are certain situations where you cannot use this wizard to move or copy databases. 

Make Backup & Then Restore It

To migrate SQL database to New Server, you can make BACKUP and RESTORE Transact-SQL statements.

Note: For database mirroring, you have to restore the database onto the mirror server by using: RESTORE DATABASE WITH NORECOVERY.

Given below are the general steps to Backup & Restore SQL Server Database:

Step-1: Back up the source database

Step-2: Connect the destination computer to the instance of SQL Server on which you are planning to restore the database.

Step-3: Finally, restore the source database backup on the destination computer. It will automatically create all of the database files.

For full steps visit: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/databases/copy-databases-with-backup-and-restore?view=sql-server-ver15

Using the Generate Scripts Wizard

Using this wizard, you can migrate SQL database to new server, from one computer to a local computer to a Web hosting provider.

To generate script:

Step-1: In Object Explorer, open the node for the instance containing the database that you want to be scripted.

Step-2: Click on Tasks, and then select Generate Scripts.


As you can see using an automated migrator is much better option because it keeps your precious data safe and gives you total control on the process. Also, it is affordable compare to SSMS software. Hence, best option for SQL data migration.