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How to Save AOL Email as PDF with the Help of This Guide?

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Published On September 3rd, 2021
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Plot Overview: To learn how to save AOL email as PDF, keep up with the write-up until the end. Find an instant solution and a manual approach as described in detail in here. Choose the solution best suited for you to convert your emails.

AOL email client is made available for both cloud as well as desktop based mailing services. The data stored in AOL mailbox is saved in PCF format i.e. Personal Cabinet File format.

It has a capacity of 25MB of storage for attachments and about 250 GB or storage for the entire mailbox. Yet, users want to save AOL email as PDF on their local storage or other purposes.

This can be because the PCF format is not supported by other email services and there could be a need to send these emails over other client.

PDF, being the universally compatible file format, can be sent over any email client without any troubles.

Also, PDF is the safest and the most secure format which can be protected with passwords and encryption so the file cannot be edited. Moreover, it is the only format accepted in legal cases.

To convert the files, look below.

What Methods Help With How to Save AOL Email as PDF?

We have a manual method here and an instant solution.

The instant solution is also the smartest way to convert your emails along with their attachments in bulk without any loss of data. It doesn’t take a lot of your time and no efforts are wasted in the process.

On the other hand, the manual method is a relatively lengthy process as it doesn’t provide the benefit of migrating emails in bulk. A lot of time is wasted in using this technique.

Experts suggest you to save AOL email as PDF by using the smart way so that you save all the time and efforts that might go in vain if the manual method is used.

Instant Solution to Convert Emails to Cross-Platform Compatible File

For this, you have to first download the AOL Email Backup Software on all your Windows OS versions i.e. 10, 8, 7 (32 or 64 bit). The software allows an option to Save attachments in disk while converting the emails to PDF format.


This tool not only helps you to learn how to save AOL email as PDF, it also ensures the safety of the data that you want stored on your local storage.

There are some users who may want to save these emails as per date-range for which the tool offers an intuitive Date-Filter feature. You can select the dates in this feature to set a time-zone and the software will export only the data that fall under that period.

Let’s find out how the software works and how you can use the different features available.

Using the Tool to Save AOL Email as PDF

If you are a Mac OS user, install the tool from here:

1. Download and launch the software. Enter the credentials for your AOL account and hit Login.


2. Mark the PDF radio button and the checkbox beside Save attachments in disk option. Navigate to the destination location of the end result from the Browse button.


3. Now, direct the tool to delete emails that you are exporting from the mailbox via Delete after Download option.


4. Click on the Apply Filter tab to learn how to save AOL email as PDF selectively by using the Date-Filter.


5. Then, hit the Start button to begin the process and wait for it to complete.


The folder structure after the process will be kept the same as before and no changes are made to the data. Use the Incremental Backup option to go through the mailbox again for new emails and export only those files to avoid duplicity.

Manage the operation using the Pause & Resume features as and when required.

Now, take a look at the manual method.

How to Save AOL Email as PDF by Using the Manual Method?

This solution is a secure technique as there are no risks involved with the corruption or loss of data. However, it is also not the best solution to perform this task due to the limitation of exporting only one email at a time.

It becomes a really lengthy method when it comes to saving multiple email messages, doing it for every email separately take so much of time.

Given below are the steps for saving emails:

1. Fill in the sign in details to login to your AOL account to save AOL email as PDF.


2. Click on the email you want to save to open it.


3. Choose the More button to open the list from which you have to select the Print Message option.


4. The option Save as PDF will already be chosen. If not, select it and click on the Save button.


5. You will be asked to choose a destination for the end results, select the location and click on the Save button.



Both the methods to learn how to save AOL email as PDF are explained here. You have the choice to go for the method that seems the best fit for your situation.

The manual method has a few limitations that have been discussed over here. Whereas, the software doesn’t have any drawbacks, in fact, it helps you overcome all the barriers you may encounter using the manual approach.