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Solution to Merging Two Thunderbird Mail Storage in Outlook 2016

merging two thunderbird mail storage in outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird email client has a large user base. It is a free, cross-platform and offers a good amount of features. However, Outlook is still preferred over it. It has sort of become a standard email client for businesses globally. Outlook has extensive integration with other Microsoft products. It is also one of the reasons why users are rushing towards it. But does moving towards Outlook means that the users need to forget about their Thunderbird data? That’s necessarily not the case. There are methods available with which Tb mailbox data can be exported as PST format. In addition to conversion,how about merging two Thunderbird Mail Storage in Outlook. Merging the mail storage files will enable a user to access all its data collectively in MS Outlook. It also reduces user’s time and effort as well as helps in getting rid of duplicate messages.

Reasons to prefer Outlook over Thunderbird

  • Outlook 2016 comes as a part of MS Office suite. It gives users not just email service but a full package of data management applications.
  • It provides advanced security features that secure the sensitive data of the users. This is why most organizations prefer Outlook.
  • Outlook has a much better calendar and task management capabilities.

Merging Two Thunderbird Mail Storage in Outlook 2016

A user can have multiple email accounts configured in Thunderbird and wants to access them as a single PST file. But the task to merge multiple Thunderbird profiles is not an easy one to accomplish. Since both Tb and Outlook supports different file format to store the mailbox data. So, the Tb MBOX files must be converted to Outlook PST file.

Now, out of all the options available to users, the best approach is to use a third-party tool. Why? Because manual methods are too complex and can damage the mailbox data. Now, among the tools available in the market, MBOX Outlook to PST Converter can easily perform both tasks in a few clicks. Its smart programming lets it handle the data files professionally in a secure way. It can convert as well as achieve the task of merging two Thunderbird mail storage data in Outlook 2016 at the same time. Other than its absolute reliability, some of the striking features of the tool are:

  • Bulk conversion– Migrate multiple Thunderbird profiles to Outlook PST
  • Detailed preview of files along with attachments
  • Supports automatic detection of MBOX based email client data
  • Performs both merging and conversion at the same time
  • Maintains folder hierarchy throughout the process
  • Don’t require MS Outlook Installation for merging and conversion

Step by Step Procedure

Download the tool and follow the steps given below:

  1. Install and launch the downloaded application. Click on Add File
  2. solution to merging two thunderbird mail storage in outlook 2016

  3. Next, you will be provided with a list of options including MBOX files and supported email clients. On the left side, you will see 2 options under Selection Option:
    Default profile configured: Tool automatically fetches the Thunderbird account data.
    Select file(s)/folder from file system: Users need to browse and fetch the MBOX data file manually.
    Since we will merge multiple Thunderbird profiles to Outlook PST, we will select Mozilla Thunderbird with Default profile configured
  4. Step 2

  5. Click Next. Go to Select identities and select one configured email account. Click Process

    Step 3

  6. Tool will load and display all the mail folders in the selected account along with attachments and attributes. The folder structure will be visible on the left side panel as follows:

    Step 4

  7. Again, import another account data that you want to merge the already imported one with. Repeat the previous steps (Add file -> Mozilla Thunderbird -> Default profile configured ->Next) to add the second profile mailbox data

  8. Click Process after selecting the second Tb account
  9. Step 6

  10. The software will display both the previously and currently uploaded mailbox profile data
  11. Step 7

  12. Select files/folders from the interface as per requirements and click the Export button
  13. Step 8

  14. The next window will provide you with a list of export options such as PST, HTML, EML, etc. We will select PST since we want to achieve the task of merging two Thunderbird mail storage in Outlook PST format.
    You can also select the desired destination to save the merged Thunderbird profile data file by clicking on Change. Click Export
  15. Step 9

  16. Finally, a dialog box will confirm the Tb MBOX data file export to Outlook PST file.


The task of transferring mailbox files from one email client to another is a complex one. In addition to that, need to merge multiple Thunderbird profiles data into one increases the load on the user further. So, users look for a professional approach which can carry out these tasks hassle-free. Mbox Converter can easily achieve the task of merging two Thunderbird mail storage in Outlook 2016 PST file. It is an effective solution which takes care of both merging and conversion easily and securely.