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Outlook Inbox Not Loading Issue | Here’s the Fix


Outlook needs no introduction because we all know that it is one of the most used email clients for large as well as small enterprises. But like any other email client, it is also easy faced the issue, and here in this blog, we are going to discuss one of the Outlook errors.

Outlook Inbox not loading is the error we are going to deal with in this blog. Because there are many Outlook users who reported this on various forums. Let see one of them to understand what the actual issue is?

The above user query screenshot is taken from Microsoft Community, and this is not the end there are many other users whole reported this issue on other community forums. So, after considering the requirement here article we are going to explain all the possible methods to resolve this error. But before preceding toward the solution to fix let find out why this error happens.

Reasons Behind Outlook Inbox Not Loading

Well, this error occurred due to various factors but here in this section, we are going to discuss the major ones.

  • Unstable Internet Connectivity – The first and very common reason behind the issue is unstable internet connectivity. Because unstable internet connectivity can easily happen your Outlook working.
  • Wrong Outlook Configuration – Wrong account configuration in Outlook is also be the reason for inbox is not loading in Outlook.
  • Antivirus or Malware – Some third-party antivirus programs can affect the Outlook workflow due to which many users face Outlook not loading Issues.
  • Corruption in Outlook Data File – PST data corruption is also the reason for the inbox loading issue in Outlook. And if talk about the reasons for Outlook data corruption, then there are many such as an oversized pst file, improper Outlook termination, and many others.

Tool Tip-

To resolve the corruption in Outlook PST you can try the Best Outlook Recovery Software that is provided by SysTools. The tool allows you to resolve any issue that happend due to corruption.

Well, after knowing the reason behind this error now, let’s move toward the solution section to know who to fi this error.

Outlook Inbox Not Loading Resolutions

So, here in this section, we will go through a number of troubleshooting methods in order to fix the error. Also, make sure that you will restart the Outlook program after every process and if you have resolved the error, then stop there you do not need to go further.

#Method 1: Check for Internet Connectivity

We all know that our email client uses the internet in order to send and receive emails. So make sure you are connected to the internet. Now, to check the internet connectivity simply open any web browser and search any keywords if the search result appears, then you are connected. And nothing happens, then maybe you are not connected to the internet. Now, in this situation check your router or call your internet service provider.

#Method 2: Disable Offline Toggle

Well, Outlook comes with option i,e. Work Office, so using this option users can easily access the Outlook emails and compose new messages. And once the user connected with the internet, then all the offline tasks go online. So if you are facing Outlook Inbox not loading issue, then disable the Work Offline. Now, to disable this option follow the below steps:

1. First open Outlook program

2. Now, check the button Work Offline if it says Working Offline is Disconnected, then you are not connected with the Internet.

3. So, in that case, go to the Send / Receive button and select Work Offline to reconnect to the internet.

#Method 3: Update Office Program

As we said that an outdated Outlook application is also the reason for this issue. Because to resolve the errors and bugs of the exciting Office program Microsoft roll out the update at very sudden intervals. So, it is very important to update your Outlook program and to update an Outlook follow the below steps:

Open Outlook application first.

Now, click on the File option and then go for Office Account.

Now, under Product Information choose the Update Option and then click on the Update Now.

#Method 4: Repair Outlook Program

After trying all the above processes if you are still facing the Outlook inbox not loading, then you can try to repair the Outlook program. Because maybe there is wrong installing of the Outlook creating this issue in Outlook. So, to fix this just repair the Outlook program, and to do this simply follow the below steps:

1. First, go to the Start Menu

2 Now, search for the Control Panel and open it.

3. After that go for the Program and Features

4. Now, look for the Office application

5. Once you will able to find the Office application, then simply Right-Click on the Office application and choose Change.

6. Now, from the Office popup click on the Repair to start the repair process.

#Method 5: Repair Outlook Data File

So, if you are still here and looking for the solution to fix Outlook inbox not loading issue, then there is a chance that you facing a corruption issue with your Outlook data file. And that is the reason your inbox not loading in Outlook.

Fortunately, to resolve the corruption of Outlook data files Outlook comes with its own Inbox Repair Tool that is also known as Scanpst. This tool is a nice utility to handle the minor corruption of Outlook data files but in the situation of major or severe corruption, this tool failed to repair the Outlook PST file.

So in this situation users seeking some alternatives and in the next section, we are going to discuss one of the tools that do this task easily.

Best Way to Remove Corruption of Outlook Data File

SysTools PST Repair is the tool that gives the option to repair the Outlook PST file without any limitations. Along with repair the tool also recovers the deleted data from the Outlook PST file. And users can easily export the recovered data in various file formats. The tool supports all the versions of Outlook and Windows.

Let see the Working of the Tool!

1. First, download and install the tool on your machine

2. Open the tool and add the PST file.

3. Choose the scan mode as per your requirement

4. Select the Export option

5. Click on the Export button to start the process.


As we see above in the blog that there are many users facing Outlook inbox not loading issues. But due to lack of knowledge, they are not able to fix it on their own. So, here in this write-up, we have discussed the top five methods to fix this error. So go through the blog and resolve the inbox not loading in Outlook error.