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Outlook Loading Profile Error | Top Four Solutions

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Is your Outlook not responding, and stuck on a screen that simply says Processing or stuck in the blue screen? If you are facing this type of Outlook hang or freeze issue, then through this write up we are going to elaborate you the best possible solution on how to fix Outlook loading profile error.

Well, this is a very common issue in Outlook and a huge number of users report this issue that their Outlook 2016 stuck on loading profile or processing screen. And if we talk about the reasons, then there are a number of possible reasons for Outlook to behave this way. So before going toward the solutions to fix Microsoft outlook 2016 won’t load profile or freezes let’s discuss the reasons behind it.

Reasons Behind Outlook Stuck on Start Processing Screen

As we said that there are numerous reasons, some of them are mentioned here:

Network Issue- It has been seen that this issue occurs due to poor internet connectivity or in the absence of an internet network.

Storage Bad Sector- In the case of storage device failure or if there is any bad sector is created where PST saved, then you will notice this same error.

Outlook File Corruption – This is one of the major reasons for Outlook 2016 stuck on the processing screen. So if your Outlook PST file is corrupted, then you will face this issue in your Outlook 2016.

Improper Outlook Add-Ins- Sometimes it has been seen that defective Outlook add-ins are also the reason for Outlook freeze on the blue screen.

Multiple Outlook Associate Files- If multiple Outlook associated files running in the background, then you will face this Outlook processing error.

Methods to Fix Outlook Loading Profile Error

Now, we know the reasons behind this issue so let’s move towards the methods to fix this Outlook error. Here in this section, we are going to

#Method 1: Open MS Outlook With Administrator

Run with Admistarator run any program on the admin level which sometimes fix the issue you are facing in Outlook. so, if your Outlook 2016 stuck on the processing screen, then you can try to open the MS Outlook with the administrator. And to run the Outlook with Admintarotor just follow the below steps:

1. Click on the Start button and search Outlook

2. Choose Outlook icon and then right-click on it then choose Run as administrator

3. Now, from the pop-up menu click on the Yes button to run Outlook with the administrator

#Method 2: Diable Faulty Outlook Add-Ins

As we said that Outlook has a function to add add-ins but sometimes these add-ins are being the culprit behind Outlook loading profile error. So if you are getting this issue in Outlook, then try to open Outlook in Safe Mode. Because it will help you to troubleshoot problems.

Basically, open Outlook in safe mode only loads the essential settings and add-ins. And the safe mode also gives you the chance to disable specious add-ins from Outlook. Now to open Outlook in safe mode follow the below steps:

1. Press Win+R altogether to open the run command

2. In the Run command enter outlook.exe /safe and then press on OK button

3. Once Outlook opens click on the File

4. Now, choose the Option from the left sidebar menu to access the Outlook settings

5. Choose Add-ins from the options available

6. Select COM Add-ins from the manager dropdown then click on the Go button

7. Relaunch the Outlook program

8. Once the Outlook open enable the add-ins one-by-one to find out the causing add-ins

9. After you find out the faulty add-ins then simply disable them

#Method 3: End Outlook Associated Task from Task Manager

If any Outlook-associated task or program is running in the background, then you will face the Outlook 2016 stuck on processing screen error. So if you are getting this issue, then make sure that there is no associated file is not running in the background. And to check this follow the below steps:

1. First right-click on the Windows Taskbar and choose the Task Manager option

2. Once the Task Manager open click -on the Processes Tab

3. Now, find all the associated Outlook program from the list and End Task button one by one

#Method 4: Repair Corrupted Outlook PST FIle

As we said earlier that if your PST file is corrupted then you will face this Outlook 2016 stuck processing screen So, it is very important to remove the corruption from the Outlook PST file.
And the good thing that if you can repair PST corruption easily without spending any penny.

Yes, Outlook comes with an inbuilt Inbox repair utility that is known as ScanPST.exe, and to use this utility just follow the below steps:

1. Firstly you have to Right-click on the Outlook shortcut and choose the properties option

2. Now, from the Properties window click on the Shortcut tab and then click on the Open File Location

3. In the default file location folder search for the SCANPST.exe and double click on it to open it.

4. Once the utility opens click on the Browse button to add the PST file.

5. After adding the file click on the Start button to start the process of repairing the PST file.

6. Once the scanning is completed you will view the corrupted file and folder

7. Now, make sure you have tick out the Make backup of scanned file before repairing

8. After all settings click on the Repair button to repair the corrupted PST files and folder

Best Solution to Repair Corrupted Outlook PST file

Well, the good thing about the manual method is, free but there are limitations to the manual method. The manual method is only able to repair minor level corruption from Outlook PST and also sometimes it will not able to detect the corruption in the PST file.

So, to overcome the limitations here in this section we are going to introduce the most amazing tool that can easily repair the corrupted PST file. The SysTools PST Repair Tool it is one of the best Outlook Recovery tool that is capable to repair major corruption of Outlook PST files. In fact, using this tool you can easily recover permanently deleted Outlook emails, contacts, and other Outlook items.


In our research, we find that there are many Outlook users facing the issue, and to get the solution they reported this issue on various forums. So, after considering the requirement here in this blog we have discussed the top 4 ways to fix Outlook loading profile error. Now, it is up to try the methods and get rid out of the issue.