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Simplified Tips to Remove “ox8ooCo155” Error from the DBX Files


The DBX file format was used by Outlook Express Application. The outlook express application was discontinued and was bundle along side with the internet explorer 3.0.

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There have been multiple scenarios encountered in which the user encounters the error “ox8ooCo155”. Some of them are as follows:

I am using a DBX file format. An error number “ox8ooCo155”, I researched a lot about the error, Then came to know that it was due to oversized DBX file, is there any manual approach for me to prevent the Oversized problem“.

My DBX has become inaccessible and shows some numeric error, Later a colleague suggested me to check the file size and it was an oversized DBX file problem. Can anybody please suggest me an appropriate methodology to resolve this issue.

Now one of the most common errors encountered is the error number “ox8ooCo155”.
This is the error that is caused due to the oversized DBX file that makes all the emails inaccessible.
The DBX file formats have no official inbuilt repair tool for such a critical problem that has been encountered many times.

Tips to Prevent the “ox8ooCo155” Error in DBX files:

As mentioned above there is no official inbuilt repair tool to correct such problems. There can be some preventive measures that can be taken in-order to avoid such corruption of DBX files:

  1. The recommended size for a DBX file is about 300 MB for lesser chances of corruption: The user needs to keep a check on the File size of the DBX file.
  2. The User should not use the computer while the compaction process is ongoing.
  3. Manual compaction of the DBX files should be done for all the folders stored in the outlook express mailbox regularly, If the user works offline.
  4. Also, The automatic background compaction process should be disabled by the user.
  5. It is also recommended that the user should keep limited no of emails.

It is also advisable that the user should also keep a backup ready for the emails that are stored in the Outlook Express DBX files.

The Quick Solution

While using the DBX file format for storing emails all the mentioned preventive measures should be kept in check. Otherwise, It is quite advisable to the user to switch from the DBX to PST file format.
As there is no specific manual method available to convert the Outlook Express DBX file format to the Outlook PST file format. Thus now the need arises for a third party software to perform the task. One such tool is the DBX Converter software, Following are the features of the software:

  1. Can easily export DBX files to PST.
  2. View all the DBX file emails in various style along with all the attachments.
  3. Convert all the multiple DBX to PST file format while maintaining the data integrity.
  4. MS Outlook installation not required to export the DBX to Outlook data file.
  5. Can Split the resultant PST files by size.

The Conclusion

In this informative article, we discussed the error “ox8ooCo155” and its cause and preventive measures that can be taken in order to tackle the problem. Also, we suggested the most optimal solution to handle the oversized DBX files and came up with a third party solution to convert Outlook Express DBX file format to Outlook PST.