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How to Save GIF into PDF File in Windows?

Jaspreet Devgan ~ Published: 04-Mar-2022 ~ Tech ~ 5 Minutes Reading

In this scenario you get the complete solution for your query to save GIF into PDF file. To know the fastest and straightforward method to add GIF to PDF file format in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Therefore, the PDF documents have become the most popular file format that is easy and quick to manage or store data files / documents and used to share the various files to the different platforms. Using the PDF file can help you to easily share, edit and add text to your GIF images.

User Query: “Hi I am John and I am looking for a solution to save GIF images in PDF file format as I am required to send them to another person through the mail server. And I have implemented several methods for exporting them into PDF format. However, none of them performed well or provided me with great results. So, please anyone suggest a simple and safe solution to save all my GIF images into PDF file extensions?” 

Now, let us know what is GIFs are. 

What Do Mean By GIFs? 

The GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format, & the format of Bitmap image format (BMP). Which supports 8-bits per pixel for each of the pictures and allows single images to show their own color lookup table up to 256 different colors from 24-bit RGB color. Apart from the technical intro, in simple words, GIFs are animated images but in normal words, we say that it is 2-3 sec video clips without any sound. Therefore, video of anything, such as animation, cartoons, dialogs, or movie, or even you can create your own DIY GIFs as well. 

But mainely the GIF is not designed for these purposes, it was the replacement of Run-length encoding (RLE), which is white an black only. 

GIF got popular due to its lossless data compression and it was efficient to download large-sized images even with the slow modems. So, after replacing the RLE, GIF was the first color format that was used in the websites.

Therefore, apart from the GIF there are some users who are hunting for the solution so that they can be save the GIF file to some of its static image files like PDF. Now, let us take a look at an instant solution to save GIFs into PDF file documents. 

Smart Solution – GIF to PDF File Document 

Online Image Converter software helps you to save or export multiple image formats such as GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, etc. into DOCX, HTML, PDF, DOC and Text formats.

This software is capable of creating and saving all the GIFs images in a Single PDF file or single PDF file for every image by providing the facility to manage Margin, Page Size, and page orientation. Therefore, to export multiple GIFs into PDF format, users can change the excerpt images and can carry out the saving files in a high quality.

So, you can easily add GIF images into the PDF software and have a preview of each image before the conversion procedure. 

How to Save GIF into PDF Using the Software? – Automated Approaches

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the reliable and fast solution step by step without facing hassle. 

  1. Launch and install the software on your Windows machine.

2. Now, use the GIF images by selecting the “Add File” or “Add Folder” option. Click on Next.

3. Then, in the next panel “Preview” all the data files and continue.

4. Last step is to select the “PDF option” from the exported formats.

This is how we have completed the user query in a simple and quick way using the software. Now, below are some advanced features for adding GIFs into PDF file documents. 

Merits of Using Automated Solution 

  • Maintain GIF Image:- While doing the conversion process, the resized image or the new size or dimension allocated to the GIF image does not damage the image. This software has advanced mechanisms that preserve GIF image quality.
  • Save Single or Multiple PDF Files:- There are two options to save the exported files. 
  1. Create Single File: This option will create a single or separate PDF for every single image.
  2. Create Multiple File:- It saves all the added images into a single PDF file.
  • Export Multiple GIF to PDF Files:- The image permits users to save multiple GIF images into PDF file extensions in bulk without losing their quality. It also has the option to save several image types such as JPEG, TIFF, EMF, HTML, DOC,, DOCX, and TEXT file extension.
  • Select the Location:- This tool also allows users to set or change the path of the exported files and documents. By default, it is a set of Desktop.
  • Show Success Report of Conversion Task:- It displays the total, success, and daily count of the exported files during the conversion process.

Author Suggestion

In this blog, we have discussed how to save GIF into PDF files. It is easy and safe to add the multiple GIFs image in PDF file extension using the automated solution. This is a perfect solution which provides many features and benefits to carry out the conversion process. Go, with the above article, more information in details.