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Acquire Knowledge of Security Controls for Data Protection

Jaspreet Devgan | Modified: December 25th, 2017 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Data is stored in several places, which arises need to protect it by the best. The applications to safe information must be the combination of data encryption, integrity protection, and DLP Techniques. As the enterprises are moving their data on cloud, it is not wrong to state that it is now the core need to make the data security more advanced than the previous or existing one. Users will be able to achieve mitigation against the data compromise when they will be adopting security controls for data protection. Now a question strikes in mind that what type of data protection controls should be applied to secure the confidential information? Therefore here we are to provide readers the guidance on the same.

Data Security Controls for Data Protection

Administrative Security: The main foundation of any security agency begins with the basic principles and standards. These focus on the fact that what practices the organization takes as the security controls for data protection. Enterprises should keep one thing in mind that they should implement policies for their employees. Deeply analyze the thing that what they can easily accept and what they cannot, all related to the benefit of the business. The data security measures should not be complicated; they must be consistent and comfortable in administrative controls. Users must be OK with the small updates or changes for enhancement in the existing data security. Well, try to note down and implement the following 4 procedure at the time of initiation:

  • Risk Management: Execute the risk analysis and then, determine the security risks with your firm. This will help one in learning all the probability and magnitude of the risk occurrence.
  • Workforce Clearance: Decide that who will get access to what category of files. Ensure that the confidential information is assigned to the most trustworthy person only.
  • Security Incident: Discover that how one is going to tackle the data leakage or account hacking. This is should be in planned and cleared manner because both these disasters occur without any prior notice.
  • Business Continuity Plan: Determine that how the vendors are going to handle the continuity of business if some sudden occurs that loses the office area to an environmental hazard. Where are the employees going to continue their work? What are the minimum resources required to continue the ongoing business.

If users are going to start this one type of data protection controls in the best way then, they have begun the implementing mature things in their security programs.

Physical Security: This involves data security on all the physical things that are having access to secretive information. There might be many touching points and potentials through which unauthorized access can take place. Begin with the physical area of the office, where one has to maintain the tabs on their access points of facilities with signs, locks, CCTV cameras, and even the entrance with access card. Basically, it is nothing just the security of workstations where the employees work. Owner of the enterprise must be aware of the computer resources, which are connected to the information of the firm. Once in a month try to check the physical controls with the written standards and processes but, that too with the changes over the time based upon risk points. Try to maintain a list through which maintenance of password becomes easy.

Have you ever learned about a most overlooked security checkpoint? Departure point of the employees! It should be taken into consideration that employees are unable to misuse the assets and facilities. Any kind of information that is having role in the public refuge a main point of attention, either that is in the physical form or any hard drive. If users try to re-issue the assets to another person then, properly ensure the sanitization. Eliminate all the information that was earlier stored on media before the redeployment.

Technical Security: Things might get complicated in this third security controls for data protection but, it is important to apply it at least till the basic level. This type of data security control involves testing of the thing that what person has access to what. The email address and password combination help in proving the individuals and identities. These are not just enough to protect things because for hackers today it has now become easy to learn account passwords. Therefore, it is important to come with a security alternative upon the same.

Here, the basic principle for data protection is encryption – an approach to number of things that also includes an important factor of data integrity. This is required for ensuring that the data is not altered in any unauthorized way and the transaction is done in completely a safe mode. If the implementation of encryption, decryption, and management is improper then, it will be resulting in an unaware result.


Not only for the organization but, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to learn about security controls for data protection. Who knows what’s going to happen in future? Only the known thing is to make the present secure so that if something sudden occurs in future then, we are having things to be safe.