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Get the Right Solutions to Split 50GB PST File


Are you facing difficult time to open your Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 and other below versions application? Is your Outlook program taking too much time to perform even the simple operations like to open a file, copy a file/folder or to download the embedded attachment? If so, then it must be due to an oversized PST file. An oversized PST file is severely prone to get damaged in many ways. Also, the overall performance of the Outlook 2013 application is degraded badly because of a large sized PST file.

In this blog, we will mainly focus on the procedure to split 50GB PST file in the most comprehensive way. So readers, you are lucky indeed to reach out this article. So what’s more? Read on and explore the blog to the maximum to find out how to split PST file into smaller parts!

“I am working as a Sales Manager in a reputed organization and throughout the day I receive hundreds of emails. A few days back, I have noticed that my PST file is exceeded severely and currently the size is 50GB. Because of which, I can hardly send and receive emails. At times, my Outlook 2016 / 2010 starts hanging, it seems that the Outlook PST is now corrupted. I have several emails, which I cannot ignore in any way. So please, help me out with some immediate resolution to split 50GB PST file. Earnestly waiting for a quick response.”

What are the Different Outlook Errors Associated with an Oversized PST File?

No doubt, a large-sized PST file is susceptible to corrupt. We are quite aware that the Outlook 2007 application saves the PST file in two file formats i.e., Unicode and ANSI. For Outlook 2002 and previous versions, ANSI format is used, which has the maximum capacity of 2GB. Whereas, for Outlook 2003 and above versions, it saves the PST file in Unicode format and the maximum storage capacity ranges from 20GB to 50GB. After which it become necessary to split 50GB PST file into smaller pieces.

As a result of an oversized PST file, a user may have to lose his/her valuable emails due to corruption. Sometimes, Outlook 2016 will no longer work nor respond for a long time. Under such situation, a user encounters the following Outlook 2010 errors:

  • Errors have been detected in the .pst file. Exit all the mail-enabled application and use Inbox Repair Tool.
  • The file .pst has reached the maximum size. In order to reduce the amount of data, permanently delete the files, which no longer require.
  • Outlook.pst file cannot be accessed – 0X80040116 error code which will be solved when split 50GB PST file.

How to Manage a Large Sized PST File?

This is one of the foremost query, which comes to an Outlook user’s mind to tackle an oversized PST file.

A user can reduce the size of the PST file by means of removing or deleting the discarded data from the PST mailbox items rather than to split 50GB PST file. Also, to implement this, one needs to dedicate a sufficient amount of time.

In order to divide large-sized PST file, following are some manual tricks, which can be utilized to resolve such situation.

Way 1: Repair Corrupted Outlook PST

So as to swiftly use the damaged PST file, first a user must repair the oversized PST file. Now, MS Outlook provides an inbuilt functionality i.e., Inbox Repair Tool. But the sad part is, it is only capable to repair and recover minor or small-level PST corruption.

Way 2: Lower the PST File Size

Once the PST file is repaired, now is the time to reduce the large-sized PST file into smaller parts efficiently. So that such instance is not faced in future and also the Outlook 2013 / 2003 performance will be well-maintained. Some of the techniques to reduce the large PST file is listed below,

Technique 1: Compress the Oversized Outlook PST

In Microsoft Outlook 2010 and above, it offers an inbuilt feature i.e., Compact Now. This allows to shrink the PST file by removing the deleted data space and moreover compress the oversized PST file.

Technique 2: Split the Large-Sized PST File

Outlook does not provide the option to split 50GB PST file so as to divide them into smaller parts. Fortunately, one can reduce the PST size via Archive, Import/Export or Move to Folders features. But, this won’t split the PST file, instead it will transfer mailbox data from one PST file to another.

Technique 3: Remove Data Redundancy from Oversized PST File

There are various reasons for data duplication in PST file. This can be due to improper configuration of rules, short intervals of Send/Receive, incorrect mailbox settings and so on. In order to improve the PST performance, remove the duplicate data and increase the size of the PST file.

Is There Any Quick and Trustworthy Solution to Split 50GB PST File?

With the manual method, a user has to face different challenges. As it consumes most of the time to complete the process. Altogether, the process is an extremely tedious and cumbersome task. Then, what is the instant and best option? So readers, simply turn your attention and make the maximum use of Split PST tool. It provides an effortless approach to split 50GB PST file into smaller parts without any data loss issue. It is capable enough to split all data items such as emails, contacts, calendar, etc in a hassle-free way. One can also split PST file by specifying a particular date where the software split the archive PST file by date into different parts.

Bringing It Altogether

An oversized PST file can bring forth several issues such as data corruption, taking so much time to begin the Outlook program and so on. Hence, it is extremely important to split 50GB PST file. Here in this blog, we have discussed both the manual and automated solutions. Based on the requirement, one can perform any of the methods to split an oversized Outlook PST file.