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Emails Disappearing From Mac Mail 2018 – Troubleshoot

emails disappearing from mac mail

Are your emails disappearing from Mac Mail 2018? Is it happening after you updated your Mac operating system or moved your data to the new Mac? If so, then this article is the right place to be! We are going to understand this issue by analyzing some queries similar to ‘Emails missing from Mac mail’. And, then we will provide readers with different manual solutions along with an expert software tool. You can use whichever method suits your needs and more importantly, solves your issues. So, let’s get started with some queries first.

User Queries related to ‘Emails disappearing from Mac Mail 2018’ Issue

“I am having a weird issue with Mail ever since I started using Mac. There are emails missing from Mac Mail. All my folders are empty and I haven’t deleted them. It is pretty frustrating and I don’t know what to do. Is there any solution? Thanks in advance!!”

“Hi, So what happened was that I read my emails and sent replies on my Mac Mail 2018. Then I closed it to do something else. When I opened it again, all my emails have disappeared from both Inbox and Sent. This has been happening for over two weeks now. How can I stop emails disappearing from Mac mail 2018?”

“Ever since I migrated to Mac 2018 I am experiencing a strange problem with the Mail. Emails loads and then disappears in front of my eyes(all emails). When I search for them, sometimes they show up, other times not. I have no filters set. Please guide me on what to do!”

These cases along with many other similar queries helped us understand the issue in a better way. For some users, certain emails disappear, for others entire mailbox folders are empty. Also, In some cases, all the emails are missing from every folder of the mail account. This is especially frustrating considering that it can happen suddenly leaving users confused. So now without wasting any time lets move on to the next section to know the ways to solve this issue.

How to Troubleshoot ‘Emails Disappearing from Mac Mail 2018’ Issue?

Before moving on the rather ‘bigger’ steps, let’s rule out the simple stuff first. That is, be sure to check in the right mailbox. Make sure you aren’t looking for the messages of one account in the other account. If there is no problem here then resolve the issue by following the methods below:

I. Check your filtering options

Sometimes, if message filter option is ON, it will not allow some emails to enter your mailboxes. It will result in emails disappearing from Mac Mail 2018. Turn it off as follows:

  1. In Mac Mail, go to View option
  2. Uncheck the Enable Message Filter heading.

II. Check your Preference Settings

Sometimes Mail account has specific preferences set for its messages. This leads to emails missing from Mac Mail. Follow the steps given below to resolve it:

  1. Go to Mail option(on top blue ribbon) and click Mail Preferences
  2. Go to Accounts tab
  3. Uncheck the Enable this account option and recheck it again
  4. Set All messages and their attachments for offline viewing.

III. Resynchronize your Mail Account

  1. Go to left side panel and click Mailbox option
  2. Right-click and choose Synchronize option
  3. This will resynchronize your mail account with Mac mail.

IV. Spotlight Privacy

  1. Go to Mac menu and choose System Preferences
  2. Open Spotlight and click Privacy tab
  3. Use [-] button to remove any mailbox displayed in list
  4. This will make Spotlight reindex that mailbox which may solve emails disappearing from Mac Mail 2018 problem.

However, if the problem still persists, then its time to rebuild and reindex your emails completely.

V. Rebuild Mac Mail Mailbox

  1. Run Mac Mail on your Mac 2018 system
  2. Select mailbox folders with missing emails
  3. Now, click on Rebuild option in Mailbox menu.

This process may take several hours depending on the amount of data it needs to rebuild. However, it can fix several common problems.

VI. Forced Emails Reindexing

In this method, we force Spotlight to reindex all the mailboxes.

    1. Go to Applications and run Terminal
    2. Now, choose Utilities Folder
    3. Type the following command and press return key
mdimport -r/System/Library/Spotlight/Mail.mdimporter

Expert Solution

As said earlier, users can try methods based on their needs. But what to do when nothing works? Because there is no guarantee of manual methods actually delivering expected results. In addition, some of them take a bulk of time to process and may still prove to be useless. And that’s exactly why users require a professional tool which can guarantee the results. Because in modern times, solution and results with minimal effort is the key. And SysTools Mac MBOX Converter is a one-stop solution to achieve just that. It can easily recover the emails disappearing from Mac Mail 2018 in just a few clicks. With this software, one can easily convert all the emails(including missing ones) to PST/EML format. These output mailbox files can then be used to access all the emails in the supported clients. It is an effective software with a ton of relevant features to solve the problem of emails missing from Mac Mail thoroughly.

Final Words

Mac 2018 users have been experiencing some issues in its inbuilt Mail application. Out of these issues, we discussed probably the most frustrating one i.e., emails disappearing from Mac Mail 2018 abnormally. Six Manual methods are provided in the article to deal with this problem. However, since manual methods do not actually guarantee preferred results, we also included an expert solution. This one-stop effective solution comes in the form of SysTools Mac Converter. Users can quickly recover every missing mail in a hassle-free manner with this easy-to-use tool.