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What Is AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Acquire Knowledge Of It

Jaspreet Devgan | Modified: March 12th, 2018 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

What is AWS? Amazon Web services is a cloud-based collaborated platform, which is evolving the cloud computing environment rendered by the Amazon. It renders a mixture of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). Amazon launched this service in the year 2006 to tackle the operations related to online retailing. It was the first company that introduced the concept of pay-as-you-go in cloud computing. Here, one has to pay for what he/she is using as a service. The AWS cloud renders a wide set of infrastructure services like storage options, computing power, networking, and databases, which are delivered in form of a utility. The delivery is based on three criterion i.e., on-demand, on pay-as-you-go pricing, and availability time duration. Read more about what is AWS and what are the services?

What Services Are Offered by AWS?

In this blog for what is AWS, we will explain each service in category manner. So, Amazon web services can be categorized into following parts:

  • Compute: This category of AWS comprises of services that are associated with computing workloads. It involves services like Lambda, Elastic compute cloud, Amazon LightSail, etc. The EC2 (or elastic compute cloud) services provide dozen of instances that vary on the basis of capacities and sizes. It also comprises of a service that maintains instance health and performance, as well.
  • Storage: The another domain of Amazon web services facilitates users with management of the data storage. It includes services like S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon Glacier, elastic block store, etc. These provide scalable object storage for data archival, backup, and analytics. All the IT professionals around the world store documents and other data in form of S3 objects. An enterprise can save money with this useful service via infrequent access storage provided by Amazon.
  • Database: The ‘Database’ category deals with workload associated with database. It involves services like Amazon Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RedShift, etc. The Amazon Relational database service comprises of Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc., for managing things in a systematic manner. Amazon ElastiCache and DynamoDB Accelerator can be used by the AWS customer in form of the memory data caches for real-time programs. It will be easier for data analysts for performing all the tasks related to business intelligence.
  • Migration: This another category of AWS involves use of various software and services. These are designed to help end users in migrating programs, servers, databases, and the data stored on its cloud. The AWS migration hub equips a location for monitoring and managing migrations from on-premises to cloud. When the data gets moved in cloud, EC2 system helps the IT team in configuring on-premises servers with AWS instances.
  • Delivery of Network and Content: This Amazon web service category is used to isolate infrastructure of network and deliver content in a faster way. An Amazon VPC provides admin with control over the virtual network for using the AWS isolated section. For extra protection, AWS provisions new resources within the virtual private cloud. A balance in network traffic can be maintained with AWS load balancing products, which involves network load and application load Balancer.
  • Management Tools: Take full advantage of AWS command-line products for deploying and managing the provided services. The developer is having authority to use AWS tools for PowerShell to tackle the cloud services from Windows platform. API Gateway is also provided to create, handle, and monitor the interface and hence, enabling applications in accessing data with its functionality. This gateway is having functionality of holding thousand concurrent calls for API simultaneously.
  • Security and Identity Compliance: This category of AWS provides services that are utilized to authenticate security to the resources. A bulk of services are provided by Amazon for the purpose of cloud security that defines and manages resources. AWS organizations permit an enterprise to establish policies and manage them for several AWS accounts. AWS comprises of the tools and services, which are hardware or software-based, provides protection against DDoS attacks, etc.
  • Message: Amazon Web services render a core communication for the users and programs. These are managed message in a queue that is having capabilities of sending, storing, and receiving emails between elements of the distributes programs. This ensures that parts of a program work as per the intentions. The category comprises of domains like Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SES, and Amazon Pinpoint.

Is Amazon Web Services Avail For Free?

Since the time a customer registers in AWS, he/she receives a free tier option where he/she is available for the same till 1 year from the registration time. Through this, one will be able to work with each application of AWS and learn about it. The more you use, more you will learn that what is AWS.

Steps to Create Free AWS Account

  1. Open the Weblink and click on ‘Create an AWS Account
  2. Choose the option ‘I am a new customer’ and enter your email id and then, click Sign In
  3. Provide the required information on current page and click on Create Account button
  4. Again on the next page, fill up the relevant details and again ‘Create Account and Continue
  5. A web page will appear in which you have to enter credit and debit card details. Fill them and click on Continue
  6. Here, you have to prove your real identity by verifying the phone number. For this, enter your phone number in the text box and click on Call Me Now button
  7. A call will be made to you in which you will be asked to enter a pin. Now you have to select the AWS plan and click on Next
  8. Choose the plan whatever suits you and then, finally, you are done with account creation for Amazon Web Services


So, this was all regarding What is AWS topic. In current days, AWS primarily competes with the Microsoft Azure, Google, etc., in the internet market. AWS Marketplace is the digital catalog where thousands of products get listed from standalone software vendors, which makes it easy in finding, testing, buying, and deploying applications running on AWS.