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What is Dark Web, Deep Web & Darknet? Get to Know About All on One Place

What is Dark Web, Deep Web, Darknet

The post is going to brief readers with what is dark web, deep web, and darknet. Instead of wasting time on different sites to know about each of them, we are illustrating all on one page. Here we have defined the dark web, deep web, and dark web all in a descriptive manner.

The web market is so broad that one cannot reach up to that extent. Still, there is tremendous chunk that is untouched in today’s digitization scenario. These unknown parts are – Darknet, Deep Web, and Dark Web. Well, the ‘Darknet’ is a network type, which is inaccessible through normal modes. ‘Deep Web’ is one that comprises of dark web as the subset. This is a part of WWW that is not indexed by the web search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.

What is Dark Web?

It is the part of world wide web, which is not indexed by the search engines. The Dark web demands for an anonymous browser known as Tor to access it. This Tor browser routes the request of web page via the proxy server series, which is operated by millions of worldwide volunteers. This display an untraceable and unidentifiable IP address. The technology works like a magic but, its outcome can be expressed in 3 terrific terms – unreliable, unpredictable, and maddeningly slow. Even if users are willing to work with Dark web then, it will render a memorable glance at a vulnerable area to attack without any prior warning.

Websites on the Dark Web – The websites look similar like that of the world wide web but, in actual they are not. The web link that in general ends up with ‘.com’ or ‘.co’ are ending with ‘.onion’ on the dark web. This is a special sign that designates that an anonymous unseen service is reachable through the Tor network. Browsers having an appropriate proxy could reach these sites but, others cannot. Vulnerable attacks like DDoS are caused due to the Tor network’s anonymous nature. Websites are continuously modifying their addresses to avoid Distributed Denial of service attack for the creation of the dynamic environment.

There is no guarantee whether goods will arrive or not, after completion of the transaction on Dark web. Many demands for crossing the international borders, and personalize officials to crack down the suspicious packages. Now, many people arises a question that ‘Is the dark web Illegal or not?’ The answer to this question is given below –

“The law enforcement action is available against the websites, which are distributing child pornography and selling websites to spread malicious in user’s PC. Several websites are there, which provide illegal products and services on the Dark web but, ‘Dark Web isn’t illegal’. Its positive aspects are also there, which are excellent resources for power and knowledge. Cybersecurity experts utilize the hidden concept of Tor web browser, which helps them in tracking the intruders. This means that the Dark Web concept is not bad if it is in the hand of correct person.”

What is Deep Web?

The deep web is a wide part of the Internet, which is inaccessible on search engines. Its content comprises chat messages, email messages, confidential information on social media sites, electronic health records, and other types of contents. This data is the one that cannot be found on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. For people who are well-known from the concept of the deep web, it is extremely an essential thing to protect their personal content and privacy. There are lots of variations in the reasons for the content of Deep web not getting indexed. Few of them are illustrated below:

  • The Content Is Proprietary – Here the data is only used by an authentic person who is coming over the VPN.
  • The Data Is Commercial – In this, the content stays behind the member wall and is accessed only by those users who have paid money for it.
  • The Content Comprises Of PII – The information is secure by the compliance regulations and portal sites are used to access it. These sites are accessed only by those individuals who are granted access privileges.

Just A Point of Knowledge – The part of web, which is indexed and crawled by search engines is considered as ‘Surface Web’.

Readers need to clear out one thing that the Dark Web and Deep Web both are different concepts. Like the content of Deep Web, the Dark Web information cannot be used by conventional search engines but, the most common reason is that the data is illegal.

What is Darknet?

It is covered network internet arena, which can only be accessed by specialized products, configurations, and particular authorization. The Darknet makes use of the non-standard communication protocols to make data intentionally inaccessible on the internet. In the contradiction with the dark web, the Darknet is quite known to the worldwide users. It is an encrypted-type of network, which is programmed at the top of the existing web and requires particular software to access it. The concept renders anonymity to end users. One such example of Darknet is The Onion or Tor Router, which demands only for Tor browser to access the Tor’s network. This network can be utilized to visit websites every day but, it also comprises of several hidden services and sites that cannot be accessed on the normal internet. Use of specific protocols (named as Tor Hidden Service Protocol) is mandatory to work with Tor.

Well, there is another kind of darknet network i.e., Friend-to-Friend network. In this, two known persons communicate with each other through the internet. They might also share some documents over the P2P connection. Such type of networks is encrypted or password-protected, which cannot be accessed by other people. This means that only concerned users are having rights to use them.


What is Dark Web, Deep Web, and Darknet – the answer to this query is posted in this blog. Things are explained in a descriptive manner with all technical concepts associated with each one of them. One can clear their confusion regarding the same and learn exact difference between deep web, darknet, and dark web.

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