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Advantages of Using Dedicated Hosting: Benefits You Must Know

Jaspreet Devgan ~ Published: 28-Nov-2019 ~ Tech ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Registration of Domain Name….Done

Website type……Done

Wait! What about IP hosting?

In order to store site data, it is must to have a Hosting solution. For this, the Dedicated web hosting is great. However, people are still confused which one is the best hosting server for their website. To resolve this query, we came up with this extremely amazing write-up. Here, we list out all the Importance & Advantages of Managed Dedicated Hosting.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting?

As the name suggests, the Dedicated server in Computer Networking is exclusively used by those who hire the server, which is further not shared by any other organization or individual. The person choosing for a Dedicated server has complete control over the server from hardware to Operating System.

Fortunately! There are lots of options available in the market regarding Dedicated hosting plans such as – Windows Dedicated Server Hosting & Linux Server Hosting. You can easily get any of the hosting solutions from NETFORCHOICE, which is a legitimate company to provides all the mentioned services.

Now, let’s go through features & advantages of Dedicated hosting

Benefits For Having Your Own Dedicated Server – Top Features

Your Server Is Your Server – No Resource Sharing

If a person opt for Dedicated hosting, then full resource control of the hired server is dedicated only for the particular individual. You will not have to take tension about other websites obstructing up the servers CPU and RAM. Adding to this, no need to worry about that unwanted script running on other websites will affect your bandwidth usage and slow down the server.

Extensive Performance

Dedicated hosting server facilitate great stability and reliability as compared to shared hosting when a website receives traffic in a large amount. Moreover, Dedicated servers will always have a performance advantage over Virtual Private Network as they don’t have to share the resources between the other sites. All-in-all, if you have a monster configuration of hardware that is dedicated for you, fortunately, the performance rate will be automatically improve.

Complete Control Over Server

For most businesses, the main benefit of Dedicated hosting is – It will provide greater control over Server. Here, the user has flexibility to customize the server to meet the needs of CPU, RAM. It gives the environment which fits user needs as they choose the platform or software which they require. Furthermore, the resource access of the data is controlled by the Dedicated servers so that the unauthorized client or the programmer cannot damage the system.


Another importance of Dedicated hosting is Scalability. It is easy to achieve in Managed Dedicated Hosting. With Dedicated hosting, one can separately increase the capacity of the Server. It is easy to enhanced or upgrade at any time, or you can add new nodes to the network (clients or servers). On the other hand, Shared hosting constraints you on resources that might result in a slow site.

Extreme Level Security

A Dedicated server might be having the right choice when it comes to security. Part of the proof is in the name itself “Dedicated”. Unlike virtual private server options, a Dedicated server, and the resources connected to it and do not reside on a machine where multiple points of data are being transmitted. Since the resources are not shared, the physical access to the machine is far more controlled when compared to alternative server configuration and hosting environment. Dedicated servers permit only your company to access. Apart from this, providers deploy software programs to detect potential threats as a security measure.

Advantage of Different IP Address

Every server has a unique IP address. In Shared hosting, the IP Address shared with multiple websites. It means, if one of your neighbors having a spam site or adult side, this could affect the ranking of your website too. But, none of this thing happens in Dedicated hosting as a user will have the unique IP address.

What Say, Are You Getting Dedicated IP Hosting Or Not?

It is all about the advantages of Dedicated hosting. No doubt! Dedicated Server Hosting is expensive than any other hosting service. But, it is good for the sites which deal with a lot of traffic or having a strict need for customization or security.