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Dedicated Hosting in Computer Networking: Explore Here

Dedicated hosting in computer networking

Well! Do You Know Computer Network, especially, Dedicated Hosting in it?


Don’t Worry! Here, a complete guide over Dedicated hosting in Computer Networking is going to discuss. So, let’s get started!

Computers have always been a great technology from the time of its invention and, also the technology keeps on improving since then.

When we talk about computers, a term Networking comes into play, which combined formed a branch named – Computer Networking. It is a discipline that comprises a set of computers connected to share information/resources. It can be a Printer or File Server and anything else. Moreover, the term internet itself considered as Computer Network. Majorly, there are three types of network- LAN, MAN, WAN

LAN (Local Area Network) – A group of computers connected to each other in a small area like a building or a floor. It is used to connect two or more computers. In LAN, the data is more secure and data transfer speed is very fast too.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) – It covers a larger geographical area. It forms by the interconnection of different LANs that forms a larger network altogether. This is generally used by the Government Agencies to connect to the citizens.

WAN (Wide Area Network) – It is a network that covers a wide geographical area such as states or countries. It covers these wide areas through Fibre optic cables or satellite links.

If we go in deep, we get the Client / Server model architecture in computer networking, which is most important to make the internet network work. Further, the term hosting comes in networking. Thus first, understand the meaning of hosting in computer networking before Dedicated Hosting.

Fundamentals Point to Learn Hosting Better

To understand better hosting in networking, let’s start with some of the basic terms;

1. Host

A host refers to a system that is accessible over a network. A host can be a client/server or any kind of system. Basically, the term Host is used when there are two computers connected to each other with modems over a network. Then, the system that shares files or data is known as host while the system receiving them will be termed as the terminal computer.

2. Client

A Client is a computer system that connects to the server and requests a web page. Afterward, the server processed the request and shows the result to the client web page. Along with this, the work done by the client is referred to as “Client-side” while the work done by the Server is called “Server-side”.

3. Server

A server is a machine or computer that is used to provide information to its subsystems. It stores all the information related to a site in order to run it on the internet. Different types of servers we see – File Server, Database Server, Print Server, etc.

After understanding the basic terms, let’s go through hosting to better understand dedicated hosting in computer networking.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a service that allows the user to put their website over the internet. So, everyone can access your website over the World wide web.

Basically, in hosting you just need to buy some space over the server and with that, you can submit your website on the server. Afterward, everyone can access your website over the internet.
Hosting further classified as – Smaller Hosting Services & Larger Hosting Services.

Smaller Hosting Services – This is the most basic service where we used to do some small scale file hosting using File Transfer Protocol. These files are usually uploaded with almost negligible processing.

Larger Hosting Services – Some Large Scale corporate companies need to be connected to the internet all the time in order to share information, files, emails, etc.

Furthermore, the Web hosting has different types. Amongst all, dedicated hosting is one of them. Let’s understand this in detail.

Dedicated Hosting in Computer Networking

Dedicated Hosting means web hosting packages that provide dedicated server with some dedicated resources to a particular client. It is not like the Shared Hosting where a client shares resources with many other clients or users as well. Here, a person can choose the resources like Storage Space, RAM, Bandwidth and much more. It is generally used by those websites that deal with huge traffic on a daily basis. Dedicated Hosting allows the user to take full control of the server to fulfill all their requirements.

Dedicated Hosting plans are also classified in managed and unmanaged hosting plans.

Managed Dedicated Hosting – In this type of hosting, the service provider provides a particularly designed hardware to a specific customer. Along with this, the provider facilitates maintenance and manages the software, services, and networks that are necessary for hosting of the customer site.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting – In this dedicated hosting, the user needs to be self-sufficient in order to manage all the applications or servers. Also, you must be able to maintain the software and all other things that are required to be managed often.

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Dedicated IP hosting in networking

Bringing It All Together

Going through this write-up made us understand the concept of Dedicated Hosting in computer networking and its types. Along with this, people also get information about the fundamentals of web hosting that includes Host, Server, and Client.