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Top 2 Techniques To Bates Stamp PDF Documents


In this technical arena, PDF is the prominently used file format by many professionals for storing important data. Many legal documents need to have a serial number for faster data referencing. The process of adding serial numbers in documents is called Bates stamping. This bates number is printed in the header or footer on each PDF page.

As many people nowadays have started using the soft copies of data in PDF, the numbering of these files have been shifted from the traditional method. Here, you can find efficient techniques for Bates numbering in PDF documents.

Bates Stamp PDF Documents Manually

When providing documents for Bates stamping or numbering, you can add normal PDFs and any PDF file with an encryption password. The procedure will ask for the encryption password before the PDF is bates stamped. Then, it will add Bates Numbers to PDF documents. To execute the process simply follow the below-outlined steps:

  • In Adobe Acrobat DC, select Tools, then Edit PDF (the Edit PDF utility set has appeared in the secondary toolbar).
  • Now, click on More >> Bates Numbering >> Add button.
  • Here, in the Bates stamping dialogue box, click on “Add PDF Files”. Then choose the desired files or folder to bates Stamp PDF documents.

Note: If any documents are password-protected, one or more messages display, in which you must insert the proper encryption password.

  • Afterward, to identify a target folder for resultant files and filename preferences hit on Output options. Specify the options as required, and then click on OK.
  • After PDF file addition and arrangement, click on OK. After that, in the “Add Header And Footer” dialog box, select a text field for bates stamp insertion.
  • Then, click on “Insert Bates Number” and enter the following to bates stamp PDF documents: Number of digits, Start Number, Prefix(text before Bates stamp), and Suffix ( text after the Bates number)
  • At last, click on OK.

This will perform the bates stamping on the PDF files.

Search a Bates Stamped PDF File

  • First of all, opt Edit >> Advanced Search.
  • Now, in the search text field, enter all or part of the Bates stamp.

Note: To find a specified PDF document, type its whole bates number (if known). To find any document in a Bates stamp series, type distinctive parts like suffix or prefix.

  • Under where would you like to search, choose all PDF documents option.
  • Then, click on “Browse For Location” and indicate the folder location.
  • Lastly, click on the “Search” option.

Remove Bates Stamp / Number in a PDF

1. Firstly, open the PDF document consisting of bate numbers.

2. Then, select Tools option and then Edit PDF.

3. Finally, in the secondary toolbar, select More >> Bates Numbering after that, click the Remove button. Afterward, Save the PDF file.

Automated Technique to Bates Stamp PDF Documents

An efficient tool, designed to overcome the disadvantages of the above solution is the PDF Bates Numberer tool. This software easily adds a Bates number to PDF files within a few clicks.

download button

The option to remove the encryption without a password is an attractive feature. There are multiple modes available for bates stamping PDF documents. It also adds a prefix and suffix with the page number.

Steps to Add Bates Stamps to PDF

Step 1: Download and Run PDF Bates Numbering Tool and click on the Bates menu.

bates option

Step 2: Go for Generate Bates Number option and click on Add Files to insert PDF’s. Check for Remove PDF encryption option.

add files for bates numbering in pdf documents

Step 3: Enter the Bates details: Number of digits, Start number, Prefix, Suffix, Increment by, Additional text (optional).

enter bates details

Step 4: Place the Bates stamp on PDF (header or footer) and browse a new location to save the PDF files.

set bates location in pdf page

Step 5: Click Next and click on Generate option.

generate bates numbering in pdf documents

Final Verdict

This write-up emphasizes the methods to Bates stamp PDF documents. Multiple techniques are discussed to solve the issue of efficient bates stamping in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do bates numbering in PDF documents?

1. In Acrobat DC, go to Tools >> Edit PDF >> Bates Numbering >> Add button.
2. Click on Add PDF files option and insert documents for bates numbering and click Next.
3. Choose a text field and select Insert Bates Numbers option.
4. Enter bates details and click OK. Again, click OK for bates numbering in PDF files.
# For bates numbering secured documents, you need to enter the password for individual files.