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PDF Bates Numbering Software – Solution to Add Bates Numbers to PDF

PDF bates numbering software

“I have converted a group of emails  and attachments to PDF files. What I want is to put all the emails in a package so that there easily accessible when required. Also, I need all of them to be page numbered. Is there any reliable PDF Bates Numbering Software to add bates numbers to PDF? Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

“I have a PDF file worth 500 pages. I want to insert bates numbers to PDF documents in such a manner that all bates should contain some confidential text. I have tried many methods but, none of them seem to be reliable. The Adobe Acrobat hangs up when I try to perform the PDF Bates stamping process. Is ther any other PDF Page Numbering Software? Thanks in advance.”

PDF is an acronym for portable document format. It is used to save the information and structure of any other format of documents. As the use of this format became common, a method of adding bates numbers to PDF file go introduced for organizing the PDF files.

A PDF with a large number of pages is difficult to handle without an index. Therefore, it is necessary to insert page numbers in PDF documents. You can try the below described PDF Page Numbering Tool for this purpose.

number pdf pages

Descriptive Features of PDF Bates Numbering Software

Add Bates Numbers to PDF: The tool provides an option for the numbering PDF files in different styles & formats. The page number can be added simultaneously to multiple PDF files.

Various Options to Insert Bates: PDF Bates numbering software permits the user to apply bates and stamp in three different ways:

  • Add PDF bates number
  • Generate PDF bates number in series

Feature to Add More Information: PDF Bates Numbering software allows the user to add some additional information on the PDF files such as:

Additional Text: Enables the user to add confidential text

Additional Position of Text: Helps the user to add the text to the specific position like the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right

Arrange Position for Bates Number: PDF bates numbering software provides the feature to achieve the following goals:

  • Retain the same bates on each and every PDF file
  • Stamp current date is positioned on the top right-hand  corner of PDF file
  • Continuous series of number can be added to the PDF file

Multiple Options to Insert Bates: The PDF page numbering software offers the user to make use of multiple details while numbering PDF files:

  • Users can add suffix or prefix with the PDF Bates number
  • Choose the number of digits that are to be present in bates number
  • Choose the starting number of the page number
  • Fix any number to increment the Bates numbering on every page (between 1 – 10)

Bates Number Formatting: While numbering PDF files, the utility offers a feature to change the font size of the bates. Also, it is possible to set the desirable font color on the Bates number. With these features, the Bates number look more highlighted and prominent on the pages.

Multiple File Name Convention: PDF Bates numbering software provides different naming options to save the PDF file. A user can save the file with its original name or with the first bates number that is selected by the user.

Generate the Summary and Report: As the user add bates numbers to PDF files, the report is generated. PDF page numbering tool displays details like color, size, position, font, etc.

Steps to Add Bates Number in PDF

Step 1: Download and run PDF Bates numbering Software and click on Generate Bates option.

run pdf bates numbering tool

Step 2: Choose Generate Bates number option and proceed to add PDF files.

Step 3: Enter the Bates details and place it on the header or footer of the page.

Step 4: Select the naming convention and choose a location to save the PDF at a new place.

Step 5: Click Next and then Generate option to add bates number on PDF files.

generate bates number on PDF files


In order to manage or organize the PDF files in a very proper way, it is required to add bates numbers to PDF files. There are multiple procedures to do this task, but they may hang you up at some situation. Hence, an efficient PDF Bates numbering software is discussed to effectively organize PDFs.

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