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Do You Know Best Email Client For Windows 10 2019: Just Check Out Here!

best email client for Windows 10

We are living in an era where we can easily communicate and connect with everyone via instant messaging and video calling application. However, these things cannot replace emails that were once recognised as the prime mode of communication. Still, almost everyone whether a home user or professional one rely upon email to connect with other persons. So, it would not be wrong if we say that emails are still used as the primary mode of communication in the corporate world. Prepare your business strategies with this best email client for Windows 10 in 2019 list.

With email clients, one can manage data plus communication process in this digital life without making them complicated. Most of the organizations opt for a particular email client for their business chores according to the organisation’s requirements. However, numerous email clients are available, which makes difficult for a person to select one email client with all the advantages. When a user needs an email client for Windows Operating system specifically, then the selection becomes more tedious. Thus, to make the decision making easy for the users we are going to introduce the best email client for Windows 10 ruling in 2019. This will help you to pick the right email client for your business or personal use.

Explore Best Email Client For Windows 10 2019

In this section, we are going to discuss the best email client for Windows 10 Operating system in 2019. One can go through all the features and functionalities associated with different email clients and then select the perfect one for personal or professional use.

Mailbird: An Email Client Without Wings!

  1. One of the simplest email client to use for Windows with support to multiple email accounts
  2. Free visual customizing with support for keyboard shortcuts
  3. Extensive label and folder search feature
  4. Support HTML emails and attachment search feature
  5. Ability to snooze messages with multi-language support
  6. Automated scrolling for speed readers
  7. App integration: connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp account to Mailbird

emClient: For Smooth Communication With Your Clients

  1. Add multiple email accounts (Free version is limited to only 2 email accounts)
  2. Skype integration for hassle-free communication
  3. Provide support for PGP encryption to send emails securely
  4. Combines emails, contacts, calendar, and tasks in one place
  5. Support touch interface and consist of a dark theme
  6. Offers some built-in tools such as spell checker, language translator, delayed send etc.

Inky – As Strong As Ink Color!

  1. Heavily focuses on security and business to keep emails safe
  2. End-to-end encryption to protect all incoming and outgoing emails with digital signatures
  3. Well-polished UX with organizations of features in a better way
  4. A quick search with good Gmail integration
  5. Set up different email accounts in a hassle-free way

Outlook: King Of The Email Clients

  1. An all-rounder and powerful email client for all the email needs
  2. Manage and organize emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes etc. in a seamless way
  3. User-friendly interface with the inclusion of amazing features
  4. Better meeting and time-zone management
  5. Enhance security feature with amazing themes
  6. Easy contact management

Mozilla Thunderbird: As Powerful As Thunder!

  1. Designed with a clean look and packed with numerous features
  2. Includes, quick filter, activity manager, chat support, RSS reader etc.
  3. Provides automatic filter to clear out junk from Inbox
  4. Comes with a set of security features such as Do not track, anti-phishing etc.
  5. Extend features with a wide range of add-ons
  6. Provides tabs for easy navigation
  7. Lightning Calendar and Address Book integration

MailSpring: Amazing Like Spring Season

  1. A feature-rich and open source email client with support for IMAP and SMTP email providers
  2. Integrated with features like tracking, snooze, read receipt, email templates, detailed contact profiles etc.
  3. Allows to connect 4 email accounts with MailSpring
  4. Advanced shortcuts with touch and gesture support
  5. Lightning-fast search with unified Inbox
  6. Excellent themes and layouts
  7. Provides signatures, translation, spell check etc.
  8. Support major mail provider – iCloud, Gmail, Office365, Outlook.com, Yahoo

Claws Mail: Stronger Grip On Mails

  1. Free, open-source and GTL+ based news and email client
  2. Allows easy configuration with different features
  3. Supports multiple email accounts and email threading
  4. Good old days interface similar to Windows XP

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Enjoyed Exploring 2019 Best Email Client For Windows 10?

Due to advancement in technology, users demands are getting more specific. When it comes to the email client, every person wants a suitable, efficient and feature-rich email client for his/her personal or professional usage. There are numerous email clients available, which makes difficult for the user to select a perfect email client. Thus, to provide a little help to the users, we have introduced the best email client For Windows 10 in 2019. The user can select any of the email clients as per the features and his/her requirements.