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5 Best MBOX Viewer Software to Read MBOX Files

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Published On January 29th, 2024
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Today in this post we will describe the features of the 5 Best MBOX Viewer Software to read MBOX files. In today’s arena, our life interlaced with emails, filled with attachments, important docs, and cherished conversations. But what happens when users can not access their important files locked away in MBOX format?

Do you want to read an MBOX file without using any email application? If yes, then here is an MBOX Viewer Software that allows users to easily view bulk MBOX files without losing any data. All of these tools are completely safe to download, install, and run on your local computer.

List of 5 Best MBOX Viewer Software

FreeViewer MBOX Viewer
SysTools MBOX Viewer
DataHelp MBOX Viewer
PCVITA MBOX File Reader Tool
RecoveryTools MBOX File

MBOX is the most secure file format used by many organizations to efficiently store email. This is a file format that saves emails in a single text file without any problems. Since the MBOX file is supported by many email applications such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora, SeaMonkey, etc. It is supported by both Mac and Windows OS. However, it is the most suitable file extension among email clients. So it is easy to access it in any of the supported email clients.

But the problem starts to occur when no email client can access the MBOX file. However, users can read the data stored in the MBOX file with a text editor, but attachments cannot be read. Another possible reason due to the user is unable to access the MBOX file. Therefore, in order to read an inaccessible, corrupted, or lost MBOX file, the user is advised to switch to some third-party tools.

MBOX viewer software

There are several MBOX file readers currently available on the Internet, but choosing the best one from the rest is difficult. Therefore, in order to make things easier for users, we have discussed the top 5 MBOX Viewer software available on the web. The users just need to install them in the system and view any type of MBOX files without any email client and restrictions. However, they are all the best and most widely used software with good quality.

Top 5 Best MBOX Reader Tool to View MBOX Files

Accessing MBOX files using any manual procedure has always been a tedious task. There is maybe some loss of data also. Therefore, if a user needs to view, and read an MBOX file without any omission of data or limitation, they need to look for a good tool for the same. To resolve the confusion, a small list of the 5 best MBOX Viewers software is described below:

FreeViewer MBOX Viewer Software

If a user needs an easy, simple, and effective solution to read MBOX files, then this is the best tool that can be used. It supports MBOX files from any of the supporting email applications. Moreover, one can view large-size MBOX file emails also along with attachments without any hassle. Apart from this, the software has some additional features that are discussed below:

  • Complete MBOX File Analysis: The tool offers different types of viewing modes like the normal view, hex view, properties view, etc., to perform complete MBOX file analysis. It is really helpful from the forensic point of view. Best MBOX Reader Software
  • Support 20+ Email Clients: The tool is designed in such a manner that it provides a view of MBOX files from any of the email clients. For example, Thunderbird, Gmail, Mac Mail, Eudora, etc.
  • Search & Mail Filter Option: It provides an option to search within the MBOX file using any keyword for the emails. In addition, the tool allows users to filter emails also stored in MBOX files.

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SysTools MBOX Viewer Tool

In order to explore and read MBOX files, a user can use this MBOX reader software. This tool has an inbuilt viewer that generates an instant preview of all emails stored in it along with its Meta properties. The user interface of the application is so simple that anyone can use it without any expert help. Additionally, the software does not have any file size limitation to read MBOX files. Some other features offered by the tool are mentioned below:

  • No Email Client Required: In order to browse the MBOX file of any email client, a user needs to install that respective email client on the local machine. It is a standalone utility that can be run without any issues.
  • View Multiple MBOX Files in Batch: The software has the ability to view multiple MBOX files in a batch without any dependency on the email client. MBOX viewer tool
  • Quick Scanning of MBOX File:  The MBOX File Viewer performs a quick scan of each MBOX file and displays all of its emails with a folder hierarchy. This MBOX reader software previews the scanning procedure and displays the file size and creation date.

MBOX viewer software

DataHelp MBOX Viewer Tool

To view multiple MBOX files in batch, a user can also refer to this Freeware MBOX Viewer by DataHelp. It is also one of the best free MBOX Viewers to read MBOX files. However, it supports all email clients that use MBOX files to store email messages. To read MBOX files the tool does not require any respective email client installation, as it is a standalone utility for the Windows platform. Other features offered by the applications are:

  • View Emails Along With Attachments: The tool is designed with an advanced algorithm that provides the view of all emails stored in MBOX files along with attachments.
  • Provides Advanced Search Option: After adding an MBOX file to the tool, a user can search for a particular email also by using any keyword. The software will result in all emails matched with that keyword. It becomes easy to look for any email in the MBOX file.
  • Different Viewing Modes: The tool provides different types of viewing modes to analyze any email like property view, hex view, etc. Apart from all this, the tool previews all attributes like to, subject, size, etc., also associated with each email. MBOX File Viewer Tool

PcVita MBOX Reader Tool

Here we will describe the fourth software that will read all emails without any file size limitation. With this utility, users can simply access MBOX files and make a preview along with attachments like photos, documents, videos, etc.

  1. Automatic Loading of the MBOX file:- This reliable application provides two modes for automatically downloading the MBOX file. Select one file, using this option, users can view MBOX files with the specified configured profile or ID. And second, preview all attributes with this option, users can preview MBOX files with all IDs.
  2. Two Modes of Viewing MBOX Files: – This application provides two options for adding files. First is File Mode. This feature allows the user to add and view one MBOX file at a time. Folder Mode This option allows users to add a folder consisting of different MBOX files at the same time.

RecoveryTools MBOX File Viewer

If you want to instantly receive MBOX files from mail servers and mail applications, then this tool is for you. This software comes with compatible and user-friendly features, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Compatible with all editions of Windows:- This tool supports all versions of Windows. Users can download and install this software on Windows 11, 1o, 8.1, 8, and all earlier versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
  2. Preserve folder structure:- The MBOX reader software maintains a hierarchy of mailbox system folders. It will not make any changes to the original files and folders. This MBOX viewer software can read emails from the inbox as well as other folders. This tool has a special copy to maintain the folder hierarchy.

Final Word

There is various MBOX file Viewers software available online that a user can select to view and read MBOX files. However, choosing the best from all has always been a challenging task. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed the 5 best MBOX viewer software that a user can use without any doubt. All of them are completely safe & secure utilities. Using any of them, one can easily view and read MBOX file content without any dependency.

Some Questions Asked by Users

Que. How to view MBOX File using MBOX Viewer Software?

Ans. Follow these steps to view MBOX files:

  • Step 1. Download & run the MBOX Reader tool
  • Step 2. After that, select the add file option to find MBOX file
  • Step 3: Get Multiple Preview options to Analyze MBOX Files
  • Step 4: Select Switch View to view the files in Horizontal or Vertical Mode

Que. Is it possible to view multiple .mbox files at the same time?
Ans. Yes, users can view multiple .mbox files at once with PCVITA MBOX file viewer software. It provides the option to view and open multiple MBOX files without any file size limitation.

Que. Is there any manual solution to view and read MBOX files?

Ans. No, there is no manual solution for viewing and reading Mbox files. To keep this in mind, we decided to write the contents of the top 5 MBOX viewers. You can use anyone. All software is recommended by experts.