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Can I Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR – Recovery in Original Form

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Published On August 25th, 2021
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Dish TV has set unmatchable standards for other digital television service providers. Its excellent service and clean and clear approach towards viewers made it distinguished from others.

Still, people find themselves in puzzlement when their DVR recordings are found missing.

“I was deleting three episodes, but by mistake did select all, nothing was highlighted though. Next, I pressed the DELETE button. In the next 20 seconds, my recorded shows list was empty.

The shows have been deleted from the external hard drive. Can I retrieve deleted shows from my Dish DVR VIP 722?”

Well, the answer to this user query is straightforward … YES.

Dish DVR has provided uncomplicated methods for the recovery of deleted recordings which can be used by any non-tech user.

However, here are some conditions that you need to consider understanding the cause of deletion.

Why Did My Recordings Delete?

  • Insufficient Disk Space – DVR requires a certain amount of hard drive space to process and keep the recordings. When hard drive space fills up 90-95%, the receiver starts deleting previous recordings to make space for the new one.
  • Overlapped Schedule – This situation emerges if the user has scheduled more than one program for the recordings of the same timing. Therefore, to complete the task DVR set the priority according to user history and delete the lesser priority recordings.
  • Power Outage – While the program was broadcast and the shows were recorded; at that moment a power breakdown will cause the deletion of those recordings. The possibility of these recordings’ recovery is less using the manual method.
    Software Update – Often users complain that the DVR does not apprehend the updated software accordingly, which causes deletion or missing recordings of user shows.
  • Corrupted hard drive – The space was enough, and you set up the schedule wisely, no manual deletion performed. If still the recordings are found to be deleted/missing, then chances are higher that the DVR hard disk is corrupted by now and having issues within.

In the above-complicated cases, the recovery gets a bit difficult because Dish TV doesn’t provide recovery methods for them.

However, for manual deletion, the below methods will work for you smoothly.

Cautionary Words

The user is advised to perform the following Steps when the deletion of recordings is acknowledged.

  1. Stop using the DVR recorder instantly, it might result in overwriting. And after that recordings are not possible to recover.
  2. Use Dish DVR manual methods to retrieve the deleted recordings. Search for the deleted recordings in Trash or Deleted recordings.
  3. If recordings are nowhere found in the designated location of Dish DVR then install the DVR recordings recovery solution for instant recovery.

Direct Methods to Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR

If the user knows about the proper methods for the recovery of deleted recordings, then he can avoid frustration and inconvenience. Here are the direct methods provided by Dish DVR for the user.

Solution#1 Recovery from Deleted Recordings folder

  1. Press the DVR/Menu button on the remote.can you recover deleted dvr recordings spectrum
  2. In the DVR panel, go to my recordings and drop them down using the arrow/red button. can you restore deleted dvr on dish
  3. You will see the recently deleted recordings. Select the recordings you want to retrieve. recover deleted programs from dish dvr
  4. After selecting your desired recordings, simply click on the Restore tab.my dish recordings disappeared

Solution#2. Recovery from Trash Folder

The trash folder holds your recordings, but recovery is possible only less than 48 hours from the time of deletion.

  1. Press the DVR button on the remote. my dish recordings disappeared
  2. Select the Trash folder. Recovery from Trash Folder
  3. Select the recording you want to recover using the arrow button. recover deleted programs from dish dvr
  4. Follow the instructions and press the Recall button to restore. recover deleted programs from dish dvr

You have now successfully recovered the deleted recording in Dish DVR.

Better Safe than Sorry

Though, Dish certainly provides the recovery feature. But in many cases recovery isn’t possible for instance deletion of recordings due to lack of disk space, eventually overwriting of data.

To avoid such recording deletion follows these methods:

Method#1. Keep Backup in External Hard Drive

Dish TV allows the transfer of recordings, video on demands, and pay per view to the external hard drive.

  1. Attach the External HDD to the DVR box to the designated USB port. can you recover deleted dvr recordings spectrum
  2. An attention dialogue box will appear on the screen, select Yes from the given options. Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR
  3. In the Dish, recordings panel select the Send to Device option. Can i Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR
  4. Choose the show’s recordings that the user wants to transfer. Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR
  5. Afterward, select the “To Archive” option. Restore Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR
  6. On View TV you will see the transfer bar and the estimated time. dish dvr delete recordings
  7. Click on Done after the successful transfer to the External Hard drive.

DVR Recordings Recovery solution performs recovery for corrupted backup external HDD. This tool can also recover deleted DVR recordings Spectrum.

Note – You can also transfer recordings to phones and tablets using an active internet connection and logged-in Dish Anywhere application.

Method#2 Protect Multiple Recordings To Evade Deletion.

It allows users to preserve program shows from deletion from the DVR for a longer time.

  • On Live TV, press the DVR button twice on the remote. can you recover deleted dvr recordings spectrum
  • Press the Red button OR Options button according to the remote. can you restore deleted dvr on dish
  • Choose Manage Recordings from the options. dish dvr recordings disappeared
  • Select the recordings you want to protect and keep for a long time.how do i recover deleted dvr recordings
  • Select the Protect/Unprotect option accordingly. And after selection click on Done.how do i recover deleted dvr recordings

Note – You have to enter the password if the system is locked.

Method#3 Secure PrimeTime Anytime Recording

This method is used to avoid deletion of PrimeTime Anytime recordings after 8 days. These recordings will be shifted to the My Recordings folder.

  • Press the DVR button on the remote can you recover deleted dvr recordings spectrum
  • Select the Primetime Anytime section. recover deleted programs from dish dvr
  • Select the recordings using arrows and then the episodes. retrieve dvr recording
  • Choose option either Save or Save Series to avoid automatic deletion. can you recover deleted dvr recordings spectrum

Voila … You have successfully backup, protected, and saved the selected recordings for the future.

If nothing Works!!!

Above mentioned methods will provide you the recovery solution and to avoid the deletion of recordings and preserve them for a longer time. But it won’t help if the disk drive is found to be faulty or corrupted.
Bad sectors, wear & tear, power strike, firmware corruption, water, heat damage, temperature, etc. cause the corruption in the DVR hard drive and it leads to the dysfunctionality of DVR additionally deletion of recordings.

In a Nutshell

Can I Retrieve Deleted Shows from My Dish DVR or not? This question haunts users when their recordings are found deleted/missing from the Dish DVR list.

Deletion of recordings is not a major issue until it can be recovered by Dish DVR manual methods. If these Dish DVR methods fail to retrieve the recordings it means either the overwriting is done or the DVR hard drive becomes faulty.

Use the alternative solution for such cases to recover recordings in their original resolution and format.