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CASB India – Get Guidance to Choose the Best From A Wide Marketplace

CASB India

“Hello All! I am owning a big enterprise in Bangalore and using cloud computing technology for my official work for last 2 years. Earlier, I was able to handle the Cyberthreats on basic level by applying simple cloud security practices like encryption. But, day-by-day my business is touching its height and simultaneously cloud attacks are also increased during these days. It is becoming difficult for me to manage security on my business cloud. Now I have decided to appoint cloud access security broker vendor within my firm. The biggest challenge came when I saw thousands of CASB solution in the Indian market. It is really tough to choose the best among tons of the providers. So, can anyone suggest me the best CASB India solution, which renders me security 24*7 at an affordable price?”

The rapid transferring of data to the cloud has magnified the possibility of judgment errors, leading to exposing of business confidential content. To deal with Cyberthreat, data leakage, or cybercrime, a CASB solution in India ensures a robust protection for performing enterprise cloud activities. It renders protective controls for safeguarding the business cloud information. A correct CASB vendor consolidates strong security and compliance abilities into an individual platform.

CASB India To Make Cloud Security Powerful

The chosen CASB solution should meet demands of fast-growing market to enhance controls for safeguarding online information protection.

  • Uncover the discovery of shadow and sanctioned IT, rendering a single view of industry’s data usage and employees who are accessing information from any geolocation.
  • Employ all possible standards and policies associated with cloud storage security for protecting unwanted operations based on the data discovery, monitoring employees activity and data classification.
  • Acquire the adaptive access controls for preventing unauthorized portable devices, individuals, and software from using the online cloud services.
  • Ensure compliance along with the standards and regulations while assuring the accountability for business cloud usage.

Take A Closer Look In Business Data

While selecting a CASB India to keep one thing in mind that the selected service unifies cloud-based security policy or on-premises enforcement points. The vendor solution should stay in between the customers and CSPs. When a suitable cloud resource gets accessed, the services activate itself on its own and execute appropriate controls or checks.

The chosen CASB solution should integrate several types of protection policies enforcement like single sign-on, authorization, device profiling, malware detection and prevention, authentication, and all other core security challenges to deal with Cyber attacks.

  • Overcome Limitations With Native Controls – Few cloud service providers have introduced limitations on controls for helping their clients enforcement policies within a particular application. However, a suitable CASB solution restricts the scope of these approaches with their usefulness and reliability.
  • Ensure Automatic Data Protection – The CASB vendor in India should offer protective cloud data controls, including obfuscation, encryption, and on-premise key management consolidation. It should also include detective controls like the monitoring of user behavior and prevention from data breach.
  • Replace Several Security Challenges – Traditional IT infrastructure offers a manageable individual policy over different platforms, developing a security challenge, increasing unusual finance, and leading to inconsistency in enforcement procedure. The CASB provider solution should be capable enough to create an easy unified policy over the bundle of cloud products and services.

Journey of Cloud Services in India

Nowadays, India is considered as a hub for today’s cloud computing technology. As per the report of NASSCOM, online computing has compelled the effect on the service companies. In the domain of cloud computing, it is an expectation that Indian market will cross $16 billion marks till the year 2020. This growth can be computed for startups or new enterprises, which are coming these days. According to the IDC report, by the year 2020, Indian digital information world raise around 2.3 million petabytes. There is another report which is highlighting the advantage of the private cloud for helping Indian firms in saving up to 50% of infrastructure finance and hence, growth in the job opportunities. The survey conducted by Gartner suggests that almost all companies in Indian are using online services for their regular business work. Now it is believed that enhancement in cloud computing technology along with the rapid increase of smartphone usage will benefit the entire ecosystem in the country. After the emergence of digitization scenario, the Indian market is becoming matured these years.

CloudCodes – One of the Best CASB India Vendor

CloudCodes CASB Solution offers a package of online security approaches, which are needed for prevention against trending Cyberthreats. Following are the highlighted benefits offered by this solution:

  • Enable compliance policies
  • Ensure threat protection
  • 24*7 data protection
  • Acquire data visibility

This CASB India vendor is bundle of all solutions, which are required to compete with trending Cyber attacks. It updates the security policies with detection of new protective measures to deal with today’s Cyberthreats.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 9 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.