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What is CASB Solutions and Why Are They Needed?

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Published On February 16th, 2018
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What is CASB? Cloud Access Security Brokers solutions offer a host of data security features needed by enterprises to achieve protection of sensitive data and compliance with international security protocols.

What is CASB and Its Importance for Cloud Operated Enterprises

It is a long time since enterprises have moved from hard copies to soft copies and the next big step in the technological revolution is storage, processing, and management of this data through various and sundry cloud applications. Be it the small organizations or the big ones, one aspect that both of them need to adhere to while migrating to cloud, is the security of sensitive data. This data security brings with it some features like various compliance issues, which need to be strictly followed. One can say that the two major concerns that come in the way of enterprises, especially the ones dealing in finance and healthcare, are security and compliance in the cloud application adoption. But with proper implementation of solutions in the form of CASB solutions provided by Cloud Access Security Brokers, these data security issues of enterprises can be strengthened. CASB solutions provide a set of well-defined policies and restrictions that hold the power to strengthen the security systems of enterprises and maintain privacy of data in cloud-based environments. Cloud Access Security Brokers offers some efficient features like data monitoring, real-time inspection of user activity, well-guarded user control mechanisms; thus helping enterprises to have absolute control over operations and preventing such unfortunate data breaches.

How Do Enterprises Evaluate the Necessity for CASB Solutions?

Any enterprise dealing with confidential data and that too in volumes, like law firms and financial institutions, need to avail CASB solutions like that help them in securing their data from unwanted access. Cloud Access Security Brokers solutions offer the best features to gain better control over data sharing and downloading, restricted access to users, groups or individuals and guard the data against getting duplicated, leaked or stolen.

What Essentially Does a CASB Solution Offer to Enterprises?

  • CASB solutions help in setting up permissions related to ownership of documents, thereby ensuring that sensitive data stays protected at all times.
  • These CASB solutions help enterprises to keep a check on Shadow IT by inspecting the traffic that moves from on-premises to their cloud servers.
  • Such CASB solutions help firms in providing security to confidential data when there is a need to download the data from cloud storage to other devices like mobiles, laptops etc.; thus helping enterprises to achieve better security in mobility.

How Is the Data on Cloud Protected by CASB?

When enterprises plan to migrate their data from on-premises to cloud applications like Google Apps, Office 365, Zoho etc.; then CASB solutions help in filling the gap between data security and visibility.

Security Features of CASB Solutions for an Enterprise: Cloud Access Security Brokers solutions provide enterprises with varied solutions for data security and help in policy enforcement, some of which are given below:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • IP Restriction
  • Access Authentication
  • Device Restriction
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Geographical Restriction
  • Time Zone restriction

Visibility Features of CASB Solutions for an Enterprise: Cloud Access Security Brokers solutions help enterprises to inspect and intercept the traffic between on-premise structures and cloud platforms. Hence, it gives enterprises the much-desired visibility including the following:

  • These solutions help enterprises to deal with the international compliance standards.
  • CASB solutions provide help to enterprises in preventing unauthorized access by users on the cloud services.
  • Such cloud security solutions enforce Single sign-on (SSO).
  • They ensure policy enforcement for data security is strictly in place.
  • They also help in monitoring user activities through various restriction policies, whose violation is immediately reported for taking necessary actions well in time.

Thus, CASB solutions help in protection of the sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands and efficiently control cloud security concerns of any establishments running on cloud networks.

CloudCodes for Business Is One of the Most Preferred CASB Solutions

CloudCodes CASB Solutions effectively work as a bridge between the cloud service providers and the enterprises that use cloud-based technology thus providing the much-needed data security cover for confidential data. CloudCodes is the leading cloud security provider. The Cloud Access Security Brokers solutions provided by CloudCodes help enterprises to ensure data safety by restriction of any data breach and prevention of theft of sensitive data. It helps enterprises work in concordance with various compliance measures and ensure that they have absolute control over their cloud-based processes.