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Colocation Hosting – Blazing Fast Hosting Solution

Ugra Narayan Pandey ~ Published: 12-Jan-2022 ~ Cloud ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Well, we all know that in the initial stage most of the businesses go for the cheaper IT hardware and infrastructure to host their solution. But when your business increases, then they need to grow their IT infrastructure. And at this time users need an economical option like colocation hosting that gives them more flexibility, than traditional hosting.

Colocation data Hosting or Colocation is where you rent a certain space for your IT hardware. In this, the client owns the server and has full authority over hardware and software.

Now one thing that is very important before the establishment of a colocation server is that client must have their physical server. Well after a brief intro of colocation server hosting now, let’s move towards the section where we discuss the benefits of the same.

What are the Advantages of Colocation Hosting for Business

Colocation hosting is wings for your business because it comes with some amazing advantages. And, here in this section, we are going to introduce the advantages of the same.

After shifting your business to it you will get a greater amount of bandwidth. You will get a great range in order of bandwidth.

The best part about it is that it is more cost-effective than hosting the business on your server.

The security of the server is now more secure because the severe is stored in a secure location.

The best part about it is that if you are moving your business from one place to another place, then you no need to move your server.

With a colocation server, there are more flexibility and the ability to customize your server according to your requirement.

Well after knowing the advantage the question that arises on many minds is, which is the best colocation hosting provider in the recent time. So, if you are here, then you are planning to move to colocation hosting. If you are also keen to know the best and budget-friendly colocation hosting.

Choose NetForChoice Colocation Web Hosting

NetForChoice provides a high spectrum of colocation hosting for single servers. We offer colocation hosting on the best pricing hence, many firms choose us.

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Along with that, we provide the best of class facilities for users such as fault-tolerant servers, 24*7*365, network security, room for expanding infrastructure, and many more.

Why NetForChoice is the Best Option?

The best part about the NFC is that we offer top-notch plans facilities to our users so that they can run a business without any hassle.

Benefits of NFC Colocation Data Hosting

Best Data Center- In NFC we host all servers on our own data center which is 99.99 up to time and also fault-tolerant, Along with that we also provide facilities like advanced security systems, network services, uninterrupted power supply, amazing bandwidth, and many others.

Top-Notch Security- The NFC data center is most secured and we guaranteed that your data is secured in our data center. We prevent all unauthorized access and provide secure location turnstile gate, fire prevention, etc.

Data Outage Protection- Our data center colocation service facility has excellent protection from the outage. As a data center, we offer 99.995 % SLA Uptime with an unmatched bandwidth facility to ensure business continuity.

N+N Infrastructure- NFC offers N+N infrastructure comprised of backup for power supply, network, load balancers, and multiple HVAC systems which are needed to streamline business workflow.

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The Verge

Well, most of the businesses in the initial stage choose traditional hosting to host their business. But, when the business increase, they start seeking more effective solutions like colocation hosting for better bandwith and speed. So, we have discussed what is colocation and which is the best colocation hosting service provider in India.