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Know How To Convert Outlook PST To HTML

convert Outlook pst to html

The most complex conversion is exporting Outlook PST file in HTML file format. Many users face the innumberable situation and problem when it comes to convert Outlook PST to HTML. Do not worry here, in this blog we are going to discuss every possible solution to migrate PST file to HTML format.

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Let us take a look at the both PST and HTML file format.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table. PST is an open proprietary file format used to store copies of messages, calendars and other events within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook. This file format is also known as Personal Folders (File) or Post Office File. When functioning in its capacity as a cache for Outlook’s Cached Exchange Mode feature, it may be called an Offline Storage Table (.ost) or Offline Folders (File).

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is a standard markup language to design Web Application and Web Pages. HTML elements are building blocks of HTML pages. HTML defines the basic layout of any web page. CSS and JavaScript with HTML forms triad of new cornerstone technologies for the World Wide Web. Now let’s move further to know the methods to convert PST to HTML.

Methods to Convert Outlook PST to HTML

As there are no manual workarounds available to convert PST to HTML. You need to use the software to complete the PST to HTML conversion process. There are two types of tools available: in the market.

1. The free software to convert PST to HTML
2. PST Converter Tool

Let’s discuss both the methods one by one.

Convert Outlook PST to HTML Using Free Tool

There are many free utilities available on the internet which can be used to carry out the PST to HTML conversion process. You can browse the internet and find much software to solve the issue.

Limitations of the Free Utilities

The online free PST to HTML converter might do not cost you the single penny but it can lead to many severe damages. Below is the list of some disadvantages of the manual solution to convert Outlook PST to EML.

  • The main focus demerit of using free or online software to convert Outlook PST to HTML is they do not give complete exportation from PST files to HTML format.
  • With some of the online PST to HTML converter, it is not possible to convert files along with the attachments.
  • Many time these free PST to HTML Converter does not allows converting large PST files.
  • Another disadvantage of these applications is they are risky. As they do not complete Outlook PST to HTML conversion process properly, the tool many time corrupts the Outlook files.

Alternative Solution

The other way to convert Outlook PST to HTML is to use professional tool for PST to HTML conversion. There is much software for this process like SysTools PST Converter. Some of the incredible features of the tool is mentioned below:

  • To export PST to HTML format the utility also supports bulk file conversion from Outlook PST files to HTML file format.
  • Outlook PST to HTML converter by third-party also supports to convert large PST files.
  • It is easy to migrate Outlook to HTML along with the attachments.
  • The application support to export PST to HTML in all the editions of Windows OS.
  • More, the software also supports to save the converted Outlook to HTML files at the desired location without any extra efforts of doing cut/copy-paste.
  • The software has the most simple user interface to migrate PST to HTML with ease.
  • To export PST to HTML with some expert tool gives the guarantee of complete conversion.
  • The software Outlook PST to HTML Converter also supports to convert PST files without Outlook installation.
  • Outlook to HTML converter allows to migrate Outlook PST to HTML very easily and there is no risk included while and after conversion as most of the professional solution are protected from risks.


From the above blog, it is clear that to convert Outlook PST to HTML, there are free as well as an expert solution are available. Users can go for both the methods according to their choices. But it is highly recommended to use professional tools like SysTools PST Converter. The utility will profoundly convert PST to HTML without any inconvenience.