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How to Export Entourage Email to PST efficiently?

export entourage email to pst

Microsoft Entourage is a personal information manager and email client. It is the part of Microsoft Office Suite. It provided email, calendar, task, notes, and project manager functionality. It hold up some Mac Operating System technologies, and keep up a separate address book, but allowed synchronisation of contacts and calendar events through Sync services. Export Entourage email to PST is performed due to some limitations of Entourage. It could not natively read Outlook Personal folder files and could not read Outlook archived emails without first re-importing them back into the main Windows Outlook database.

PST stands for personal Storage Table, used to store copies of messages, calendars, and other items within Microsoft software. Microsoft Outlook uses this file format for storing data’s. It is in the local computer. Entourage to PST conversion is possible by using some methods that are discussed in following sections. To use the PST files from another location, then the user needs to be able to use the files directly over a network from the mail client.

Need to Export Entourage Email to PST

1. PST Expand the amount of email data they can store.

2. Providing offline access in case of PST files

3. .pst files are automatically created.

4. Backup and disaster recovery is possible when using PST file formats.

5. .pst files make email portable so migrate Entourage Email to PST is a need

6. It will give more security than other formats.

Manual Methods for Import Entourage Mails to PST:

Method 1:

Step 1. Connect the thumb drive to Mac machine, now launch Microsoft Entourage.

Step 2. Select the “File” from the menu bar, then choose “Export” option.

Step 3. Choose “Export items to an Entourage archive” and then select ‘All Items’

Step 4. Select right arrow at the bottom of the window, and select the same thumb drive as a target destination. Also select “Export” to Migrate Entourage email to PST.

Step 5. Disconnect your USB drive supporting on your Mac, and then connect it with your PC.

Step 6. Launch Microsoft Outlook program. Go to the “File” option and then click “ Import” option to import Entourage mails to PST

Step 7. Choose “Entourage Information from an Archive or Earlier Version”, and select the arrow icon, situated at the bottom of the dialog window to do further.

Step 8. Choose “Entourage archive (.rge)” and select the right arrow icon of the window.

Step 9. Click on all the check boxes. Now select the right arrow icon to convert Entourage files to PST.

Step 10. Select “Browse” option, and then choose the thumb drive in the window. Select the RGE file that you have saved, and finally select the “Choose” button to continue.

Step 11. Select the right arrow, then click “Finish” button to import Entourage mails and total data to your MS Outlook platform.

Method 2: With IMAP account:

  • Perform export and import of data on originating and destination computer respectively
  • Create account on IMAP mail server.
  • Configure account on originating and destination computer.
  • Send and Receive mail through newly created IMAP account.
  • Drag the message into the Inbox of IMAP account at the originating computer in order to store them at the IMAP server.
  • Open the IMAP account at the destination computer and drag the messages into the respective folders.

Limitations of Manual Methods:

The manual methods for export Entourage email to PST have some limitations that are listed bellow:

1) Time consuming

2) There are many steps to follow so it is tiresome.

Because of the above limitations, we can use a third-party solution, “SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter tool.

Automated Method for Move Entourage Email to PST

MBOX to Outlook Converter tool to convert MBOX emails from Thunderbird , Entourage and Opera Mail to Microsoft Outlook PST file. This utility helps to maintain the limitations when perform Entourage to PST conversion manually.

Features of Automated Method:

1. The Software Convert all email items from selected MBOX files and Folders mainly Entourage to PST conversion process.

2. Preview of email file along with attachments is possible in efficient way

3. Option to save Entourage to PST / EML / MSG and NSF file format

4. It automatically detect client data with or without extension MBOX appended to it

5. No MS Outlook Installation required for MBOX to PST conversion

6. Convert Entourage files to PST is possible

7. Eudora mail conversion to PST is also supported.


There may be situations when users need to Export Entourage email to PST due to various issues in their account. The task of doing it manually is quite difficult like which takes many time and the number of steps are large. So there arises a need for an expert tool like SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter Software to perform the operation.


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