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Learn How to Save Entourage Email as PDF File Format

Save Entourage Email as PDF

Entourage is a Mac-based email client that is developed by Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 and higher versions. This personal information manager is used for data management as well as for communication purposes. But, since the PDF (Portable Document Format) is more widely used and popular format for saving files, it becomes necessary for some users to save Entourage email as PDF file format. The PDF or portable document format isĀ  versatile and the best to store messages. In the following article, we will discuss possible methods to convert MBOX to PDF document.

Reasons to Export Entourage Email as PDF

Entourage email client has been discontinued as of now and this is the main reason why the users would want to export emails from Entourage to other email clients. The proprietary file format of Entourage email client in which it stores the data items like the emails, contacts, calendars etc is MBOX whereas, for other email clients, different file formats are used. The best is to export Entourage emails to the system and store them in a universally accepted format, and that is the PDF format.

Manual Method to Save Entourage Mail as PDF

When the question of converting Entourage email into PDF comes, there is one way by which the solution can be achieved manually and that is given below. However, readers must note that manual procedures are surely free but need technical expertise to undertake the task. Steps are as follows:

  1. Open Entourage email client on your system.
  2. Go to Edit menu and click on Select All option.
  3. In the File menu, click on the Print option.
  4. Select the format as PDF -> Save as PDF.
  5. The Save window opens prompting you to navigate the location where the files are to saved. Fill in the details as required.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. The files are saved in the given location.

Advantages of Manual Approach

Here are some advantages of printing and saving of the Entourage emails in PDF format. These points make it clear why this process to save Entourage email as PDF format is necessary.

  • The printed format messages are easily accessible and easy to handle.
  • Mac Entourage messages are independent of the mailing platform.
  • The emails can be read and shared with others after conversion.
  • The archiving or backup of emails is feasible as well as convenient.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are few drawbacks of executing the process to save Entourage email as PDF file. Some are listed:

  • Microsoft Entourage has no features wherein all the email messages can be directly converted into PDF format. There is no method for the batch email conversion also.
  • It takes a lot of time to accomplish this task. A user should have the technical knowledge to carry out the complete process to migrate emails from Entourage to PDF format.
  • The manual method becomes a herculean task when you need to save thousands of emails because the emails are to be exported one by one that is time-consuming.
  • Saving of Entourage emails to PDF format is a cumbersome task, which can be best to overcome by the use of a third-party tool.

Expert Solution

As seen above, the manual method to archive Entourage emails has limitations that hinder the conversion process. Hence, the best way out is to go for automated tools like MBOX Viewer Pro, which helps in viewing multiple MBOX files with attachments. There is no need to install supporting email client. The in-built viewer provides an option to preview MBOX file contents instantly. The tool renders a user-friendly interface and does not compromise with the operational ease. A user can save Entourage email as PDF file format in batch.


The personal information manager Entourage allows users to keep a number of personal or business related emails. But sometimes, for various reasons, the emails are required in document form and this is the reason why it has to be converted to PDF format. This blog discusses the manual method to save Entourage email as PDF and also describes the professional approach for a safer conversion of Entourage emails to PDF format.