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Export GroupWise Address Book to Microsoft Outlook Manually

Export GroupWise Address Book to Microsoft Outlook

Have you faced problems while shifting from Groupwise to Outlook? Do you want to Export GroupWise Address Book to Microsoft Outlook? Do not worry here in this article, we are going to discuss each and every possible way to migrate from contacts from Groupwise to Outlook.

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Novell Groupwise is a collaboration platform from Micro Focus that supports messaging in the form of emails, calendaring, instant messaging, document management and personal information management. The Groupwise platform is basically a desktop based client software and is available for Windows OS, MAC OS X, and Linux. The Novell Groupwise also needs a server software which is supported on Linux and Windows Server. This unique platform also offers web access as it is a browser-based email client. Exchange Active Sync Protocol is used for mobile access of messaging, calendaring, contacts and other data from smartphones and tablet.

The other most significance desktop based email client is Microsoft Outlook. With the increasing craze of Outlook, many corporate organizations have moved from using Novell Groupwise to Outlook. The real difficulty comes in this migration process when users have to move contacts from Groupwise to Outlook. For that purpose, users need to Export GroupWise Address Book to Microsoft Outlook.

Before proceeding with the steps to migrate address book to Novell Groupwise to Outlook, let’s take a look at Outlook email client.

Overview – Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop based email client. Apart from being an email application, it acts as a personal information manager. It includes contacts, calendars, task, etc. There are many versions of the Outlook. The latest one is Microsoft Outlook 2016. This application is a software-based application which stores all its data into the local system or hard disk. Microsoft Outlook can be used as a standalone application or with Exchange Server. When configured with Exchange Server, it creates OST file which means Offline Storage Table and in rest of the cases, it creates PST File which can be accessed from anywhere.
In the next section, we are going to discuss the reasons why it is important to Export GroupWise Address Book to Microsoft Outlook.

Reasons to Export GroupWise Address Book to Microsoft Outlook

1. When it comes to speed of delivery of data, Novell Groupwise is much slower than Microsoft Outlook.
2. Outlook has more compatibility with most of the email client whereas Groupwise has the short range of compatibility.
3. Outlook has more feature set than Novell Groupwise.
4. The Groupwise has limited storage capacity when it made to be compared with Microsoft Outlook. The later stores all the data into the local system, that’s why there is no issue of storage here.
5. Outlook is a Microsoft’s project so it is more user-friendly than Groupwise.
6. There is no mobility in Groupwise email client, on the other hand, Outlook is way more friendly with mobile devices.

Now, we are proceeding towards the method to export GroupWise address book to Microsoft Outlook.

Manual Method

To export Groupwise Address Book to Outlook, users need to ensure that all the mailboxes and other items moved safely without any loss of data and information mismatch. To migrate contacts from Groupwise to Microsoft Outlook, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Launch GroupWise on your system
2. Select “Address Book” from the navigation panel
3. Browse the Address book which you need to be exported
4. Click on the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Export’ from the drop down
Select “Entire Address Book” to convert Groupwise contacts to Microsoft Outlook
5. Enter the desired location where you want to save the file
6. Choose ‘Save’. The file will be saved with NAB extension
7. Launch MS Excel to migrate the NAB file into a CSV file format and then select ‘Open’ command
8. Choose the NAB file from ‘All Files’ option
9. Click ‘Open’
10. Verify the data in the NAB file
11. From the ‘Save as Type’ select ‘Save As’ and choose the format as CSV
12. Click ‘Save’. This will save the NAB file in CSV file format

Now, import this CSV File into Outlook and you will be able to see your Groupwise contacts to Outlook.

The Final Verdict

As we have discussed in the above blog, that it is a good option to export GroupWise address book to Microsoft Outlook. Since Microsoft Outlook has many incredible features that can serve as a much better warrior in the field of the desktop-based email client.