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An Effective Solution To Import And Export ICS To Thunderbird

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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ICS is a standard file extension, which is widely used by various email clients to store calendar information such as events, tasks, journals, etc. It is supported by both web-based and desktop based email clients. Sometimes, the users want to switch from web-based email client such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to desktop-based email client like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. So, at that time they need to import and export ICS file. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss how a user can import and export ICS to Thunderbird.

About Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free, open-source, desktop-based email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is used for sending or receiving emails over the internet. Apart from sending or receiving email messages, it contains other information like contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. Thunderbird stores all its data on the user’s machine and there is no need of internet connection to open Thunderbird email application.

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Use Of ICS File In Thunderbird

In Thunderbird email client, ICS file extension is used to store calendar information such as tasks, events, to-do lists, etc. All the tasks and events, which a user creates on its Thunderbird calendar, save in the ICS file.

Needs – Import ICS To Thunderbird

There are various reasons to import ICS file to Thunderbird. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • If a user wants to switch from a web-based email client (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to Thunderbird email application then at that time, the need to import ICS file to Thunderbird occurs.
  • If a user wants to open ICS calendar file without an internet connection then there is a need to import ICS to Thunderbird arises.

User’s Queries Related To Import ICS File To Thunderbird

“Currently, I am using Google calendar to save events and tasks but now I want to move to Thunderbird desktop-based email client. I have ICS file, which stores Google calendar information. I do not know how I can import my ICS file into Thunderbird. Please provide me the relevant solution so that I can import ICS to Thunderbird.”

“I have migrated all data from https://www.systoolsgroup.com/ics/viewer/my Gmail account to Thunderbird expect ICS file. I have no idea how I can Import iCalendar file to Thunderbird. Is there anyone who can help me to import ICS file to Thunderbird? Please share your reviews. Thanks in advance!”

User’s Queries Related To Export ICS From Thunderbird

“I am going to switch from Thunderbird email application to MS Outlook email client. So, I want to know how I can export my Thunderbird calendar files into ICS files so that I can import ICS files into Outlook calendar. Can anyone help me to export iCalendar file from Thunderbird?”

“I want to export my Thunderbird calendar files to ICS file format but I do not know how I can save my Thunderbird iCalendar files into ICS file format. Provide me the simple solution to export Thunderbird calendar files into ICS format.”

How To Import ICS To Thunderbird?

Follow the below mentioned steps to import ICS file to Thunderbird:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird email program on your machine
    Then, click on Events and Tasks option and after that, click on Import option

ICS To Thunderbird

  • An import Window will pop-up on your screen. Browse the ICS file which you want to import into Thunderbird and then select that ICS file
  • At last, click on Open button and import ICS to Thunderbird


  • After following the above-mentioned steps, a user can import ICS file into Thunderbird email client successfully.

How To Export Calendar From Thunderbird?

  • To save Thunderbird calendar files into ICS file format, go through the below mentioned steps:
  • Start Thunderbird email application on your system
    click on Events and Tasks option and then, click on the Export option


  • Now, select the calendar, which you want to export and then click on OK button
  • Choose the desired location where you want to save your calendar file. After that, enter the name of the file in File name dialog box and select iCalendar(*ics) from the drop-down menu of Save as type
  • After that, click on Save button to export Thunderbird calendar file to ICS


  • A user can successfully save the Thunderbird calendar file into ICS format by following the above-mentioned steps.

Limitation Of Manual Method To Import And Export ICS To Thunderbird

  • There is a possibility of data loss while importing or exporting ICS file
  • The structure of ICS file may change after importing or exporting process
  • A user cannot export or import ICS file of extremely large size to Thunderbird using the manual method.


Thunderbird is completely desktop-based email program and it supports ICS file. Thunderbird uses ICS file format to stores its calendar information. The users can easily import ICS to Thunderbird or export Thunderbird calendar to the iCal file format. Therefore, in this article, we have described the manual method to import ICS file to Thunderbird and export calendar from Thunderbird.