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Several Ways to Extract Logo From PDF Document


The easiest way to extract logo from PDF is by using the Free Adobe Reader DC. The Reader is a good solution when it comes to the extraction of a few images. Also, this is absolutely free. You should definitely give a try to this PDF viewer application.

  • Right-click on the PDF file and click ‘Select Tool’ from the given menu.
  • Click to select the logo image in your PDF document.
  • Lastly, right-click on the selected logo image and choose Copy. You can find this Logo image in your clipboard.

You Can Do This Also: Use the Snapshot tool.

  • Choose the Edit option then, click on the ‘Take A Snapshot’.
  • With the mouse draw a rectangle around the logo image that you want and then free the mouse button.
  • Lastly, press on the Esc key to end Snapshot mode. You can find this Logo image in your clipboard.

This is the easiest way but I can’t really say about the quality of the images. If you take screenshots, this will definitely distort the quality of the images. If you have multiple PDF files, then taking screenshots will be a long process.

Extract Logo Images From PDF Using Adobe Illustrator

This method can be used by Adobe Illustrator users because it is quite an easy method:

1) Open your PDF document in Illustrator and choose the page that is having the logo.
2) Open the Wireframe view by clicking Cmd+y.
3) With the help of the Direct Selection tool (white arrow), select and delete everything except the logo image.

You will get your logo image.

Using The Adobe Acrobat PRO Application

You should use this method only if you already have Acrobat Pro installed in your system. This is quite an expensive application especially when you just want to extract images.

  • Open the PDF file using Acrobat and go to View >> Tools >> Document Processing.
  • On the right side menu of the panel select ‘Export All Images’
  • A dialogue box will pop up, which lets you decide the location of pictures saved.
  • Click on Settings to set the specifications of the export images like the quality of the images and color management.
  • After setting all the desired options, click OK. Then you will get back to the previous window and there you have to click on Save. The logo image from the PDF will be extracted and exported to the folder, you’ve selected.

Extract Logo From PDF Using the Most Efficient Way

Now, if you want the logo image for professional use then, you should go for a professional PDF Extractor. SysTools has designed the most efficient PDF extractor tool for Win & Mac. It can extract images, text, and attachments. The extracted images will be of the same quality (Adobe Reader will not give you the same quality). Also, when compared to Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator, this tool is affordable.

It has many features that you should have a look at:

  • You can export extracted images to TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, TGA, PCX, ICO, etc.
  • Extracts inline images and gives the option to save them in an Individual or single PDF document.
  • You can extract images and text from selective pages of PDF files.
  • Export images from restricted/known password secured PDF

How to Extract Logo From PDF File

It is quite easy to extract images and other elements from PDF using this tool. Follow these steps:

1: Install PDF Extractor software (Win / Mac) & press Add Files / Add Folder option



2: To extract the logo choose “Inline Image” from the given options & Apply Image Filter
extract logo from PDF

3: You can apply Page Settings to extract images from the desired PDF pages

4: Finally click on the “Extract” to start extracting the logo image from the PDF.


I have discussed various methods to extract a logo image from the PDF file. You can utilize whatever strategy that suits you. But, if you are a professional and looking for a professional tool then you should definitely try SysTools PDF Extractor. The tool is available for both Win and Mac. You can even try the free edition of the software.