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Error “0x8004010F” Occurs When Outlook Synchronizes an Offline Address Book


MS Outlook is the widely used email client for professional users. All of sudden, most of the user receive exchange error code 0x8004010F in local Outlook when they have tried to download Offline Address Book error 0x8004010f  from Microsoft exchange Server or try to send/receive address book in local outlook . Apart from, when users account is hosted on the Microsoft Exchange server 2007/2010/2013 and they are receive exchange error message while attempting to synchronize Address book List (OAL) in local Outlook 2007/2010/2013.

  • With enable cached Exchange mode, user has receive exchange error message in local Outlook when Sync folder to fix OAB error 0x8004010f:

fix OAB error 0x8004010f

  • Without enable the cached Exchange mode, they receive exchange error message is open ms outlook :

solve outlook error 0x8004010f

NOTE: Regardless of web-based distribution or public folder distribution method is used, this receive exchange error problem may occur.

Major Causes Which Occur offline address book  error 0x8004010f

When synchronize Microsoft Exchange address book in local Outlook then, receive exchange error 0x8004010f occurs. We are going to discuss the following reasons to solve outlook error:

1. Using Microsoft Outlook

  • If download offline address book error 0x8004010f file does not compatible with the Outlook edition then fix OAB error 0x8004010f.
  • If OAB files does not have an upgrade version then receive exchange error
  • receive exchange error in OAB list objects contain the incorrect or lost address list occur to solve OAB error 0x8004010f

2. With MS Exchange Server

  • If the OAB file got corrupted or unused.

The main reason behind the receive exchange error is that if the Outlook application has configured to use the proxy settings only then, the Windows Internet Explorer has been used. Moreover, the IP address of the microsoft Exchange server 2007 Client Access Server (CAS) does not available in the exclusion list to fix OAB error 0x8004010f.

Methods to Fix “OAB error 0x8004010f while access address book in local Outlook”

Go through the following workarounds to solve Outlook error 0x8004010f when attempting to synchronize Microsoft exchange Address Book in Outlook. Below-mentioned some points:

1. In case, if the users are using MS Outlook then, and receive exchange error they must need to download offline address book   error 0x8004010f  on their machine. Follow the below steps to download Offline Address Book  error 0x8004010f (OAB) to solve outlook error 0x8004010f problem:

  • First, connect MS Exchange Server with Outlook client and click the File option.
  • Next, right-click on Account Settings then, select the Download offline Address Book   error 0x8004010f icon to access address book offline

Remember: OAB file has the copy of Global Address List (GAL).

2. In another case, if users are using Microsoft Exchange server to fix OAB error 0x8004010f  issue then, follow below steps to solve outlook error:

  • Start the Internet Explorer and click on the Tools icon to access  address book offline

offline address book error 0x8004010f

  • After this, choose the Internet Options

send/receive address book through internet


  • Next, click on Connection tab and choose the LAN settings and then, checkmark in the box to enable the option to use a proxy server for your LAN

address book offline lan settings

  • Then, click on the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box in local outlook proxy address of address book
  • Click on Advanced option and enter the FQDN of the Exchange Server 2007 CAS Server and press the OK button
    Finally, Restart the MS Outlook fix OAB error  0x8004010f issues.

Advanced option fix OAB error

Modify the Registry key

Sometimes, MS Outlook data file cannot be configured due to the wrong setup registry key. That’s why the user needs to modify by setup registry key. The following steps are setup registry key:

  • You have to open MS Outlook export tool, i.e. MFCMapi.exe.
  • Next, click on Session, and choose the Logon and Display Store Table.
  • Select the account for User B and type the credentials for User A.

NOTE: In case, if you are not logged on as User A then, you must need to edit the profile to command prompt for the required credentials to open MS Outlook to.

  • Now, choose the Public Folders
  • Under the lower panel, right-click on the Property option
    PR_ADDRBOOK_FOR_LOCAL_SITE_ENTRYID, then click on the Open MS Outlook as Entry ID or Object icon
  • Then, click the OK button
  • Finally, the Microsoft exchange Address book will open MS outlook and show in the form like this:

EX:/o=OrgName/ou=SiteName rather than /o=OrgName.cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Address List.

To fix OAB error 0x8004010f , setup registry key as follow the below steps:

Select the Start icon and click on Run option to run setup registry key. In the Run command box, enter the regedit and click on OK button to solve outlook error.

  • Under the setup Registry key Editor, navigate the following registry sub-key and click on it:


  • In the Edit menu, click on New and select the String Value then, type the Default OAB DN value to access Microsoft exchange address book offline
  • Next, right-click on the Default OAB DN and click the Modify option to setup registry key
  • Type the attribute LDAP Distinguished Name (DN) of the OAB file in the Edit String dialogue box. Let us take an example the default attribute OAB DN might resemble the below attribute:

default download offline address

  • After this, click on OK button
  • In last, Exit the setup Registry key Editor
  • You can log-in again for this work as per the requirement to setup registry key to access  address book

Additional Tips:

The following set of tips to solve Outlook error problem when Outlook data file cannot be open MS Outlook address book Offline and Send /Receive address book  :

  • Keep in mind the Microsoft exchange offline address list generation server that is running on Microsoft Exchange server 2007 or Exchange server 2010.
  • On a client system, start the Internet Explorer and configure a single proxy after that clear the Bypass proxy server in local Outlook check box.
  • In MS Outlook, try to install or download offline address book   error 0x8004010f  and check through Send /Receive address book.
  • If the user’s account is less than 24 hours old, then the Microsoft Exchange server cannot download Address Book(OAB) Offline yet. The Offline Address List is generated every morning by 5:00 AM. So, it is necessary to download Offline Address Book   error 0x8004010f  again after creating the Microsoft Exchange server using following points:

1. Click on the Tools and choose the Send /Receive address book option

2. Next, click on Download offline address book error 0x8004010f  option and open MS outlook to access  Address Book Offline

Observational Verdict

How to fix OAB error 0x8004010f is still a big problem for end users, if they were trying to synchronize Microsoft exchange address book in local Outlook 2003/2007. Before proceeding further with any other solution to fix OAB error 0x8004010f users need to know the major reasons that we have mentioned in the above section to solve outlook error . Along with, two approaches have been described, which helps to access address book offline and  solve outlook error “0x8004010f” occurs when synchronize Microsoft exchange offline address book error 0x8004010f  . Moreover, we have mentioned some tips that will help to fix OAB error 0x8004010f and solve outlook error problem quickly.