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How to Get Data from RAW Partition – Get Solution Here

aldrichcalvin | Modified: August 24th, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you have ever encountered errors like these then it became necessary to know that how to get data from RAW partition.

  • Chkdsk is not available for RAW partition
  • The type of File system is RAW
  • Convert is not available for RAW disk
  • Drive is not formatted; do you want to format it?
  • Invalid media device reading, abort, retry, and fail?

These errors are the indication that your drive turned to be a RAW partition. Learn step-by-step guidance by reading this blog and practicing the method to recover data from raw partition.

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What is Meant by RAW Partition?

It is different from the FAT and NTFS file system and not a standard file system. It is unrecognizable by the Windows Operating System and drives consider it as a RAW partition. Likewise, it is a system error for various storage devices such as SD cards, hard disks, and other mediums. After the device becomes RAW then the user cannot access the saved data.

The direct solution is to fix this issue is to format the RAW partition. But this action leads to data loss and sometimes result is futile. Users can refer to the Direct RAW drive data recovery to fix the raw partition without losing data.

Reasons That Turns NTFS to RAW Partition

To understand how to get data from RAW partition, you should know the reasons to turn NTFS to the RAW drive.

  • Physical And Logical Bad Sector – If a hard drive has some physical bad sectors on it which might have caused due to displacement of read/ write head, then data lies on that portion will become inaccessible, and the drive can be shown as RAW. Logical bad sectors appear due to software conflicts and incompatibility, which put hurdles while accessing and processing the data to make it readable as result it will denote the drive as a RAW partition.
  • Structural Damage To The File System – If the NTFS drive file system goes through structural damage, it might convert the drive into a RAW disk. You might encounter this error showing disk structure is corrupted and unreadable. Get Data from RAW Partition
  • Corrupted Master File Table –Due to improper shutdowns such as Windows Blue Screen of Death, virus infection and malware attack, applications conflicts, incorrect removal of storage media are the common culprits to corrupt the Master File table. recover data from raw partition
  • Sudden Power Breakdown – While data is processing on the hard drive and shutdown of the power supply will adversely impact the hard drive and damaged data become unreadable.
  • Malware And Virus Invasion – Viruses are created to damage and corrupt the data stored on a hard drive. They make data inaccessible and Windows shows the hard disk as a RAW partition.
  • Incorrect Storage Device Removal – If you remove the external hard drives without performing safely remove storage media and eject the device method. Especially while in the progress process. This can contribute to the becoming of RAW partition.
  • Improper Formatting of Drive – It can happen due to inadequate knowledge of formatting and the method to format the drive. If the ongoing formatting failed due to any reason then the drive will turn to be a RAW drive.

Get Data from RAW Partition Using Data Recovery Software

  1. Download and run SysTools partition data recovery tool on the Windows system. Make sure not to select the RAW partition to download and install the recovery tool to recover deleted files from Toshiba external hard drive. You should avoid any activity on the RAW partition to be performed to keep overwriting at bay. download button
  2. Select the Scan mode to start the scanning and recovery of files from the RAW partition. Do not choose the formatted scan to recover data from formatted hard drive.
  3. After scanning is complete all the files from the RAW drive will be shown on the recovery panel. Explore the folder to refine the data or select the Filter option to select the categorized multimedia files. How recover data from raw partition
  4. Select the files by checking the box or choose the root folder to download all files within the folder and click on the Save button.
  5. Choose the location to save the to restore data from raw partition and click the OK button. It will download all the recovered deleted files from hard drive directly to the destination folder. How to retrieve data from raw partition
    Now you know how to get data from the RAW partition without losing the data.

Concluding Words

Turning of NTFS and FAT file system drives into RAW partition will obstruct the user to access the data saved in the drive. How to get data from RAW partition blog defines the points related to the RAW drive along with the definite solution.

Use of RAW drive is forbidden to avoid overwriting, so the maximum data can be restored from the RAW drive.