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Google Workspace Migrate – The Right Platform for Enterprise Migration?

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Published On October 25th, 2021
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With work and the people transforming in unprecedented ways, it is a requisite to migrate to a platform that is compelling. What could be better than Google Workspace?

Google Workspace- Why is it the best decision for your business?

The definition of work has changed; it no longer means a physical place to go every day or small walks to the conference room. Instead, our workspace is now our home where we spend our 9-5.

Much of the blame falls upon Covid-19.

There are no longer any water cooler jokes or spontaneous discussions at the coffee machine. These in-person conversations have now moved to the digital realm. 

There is a heavy dependency on technology to get the work done. This demands a platform on which users can connect, create, and collaborate and nurture human connections without the need for going anywhere else.

The solution for this is Google Workspace. Launched in 2006 as Google Apps, this productivity platform has been rebranded twice. First known as G Suite and then Google Workspace in 2020.

In 2021, Google made Workspace available to all by letting them experience the updated Gmail, which was earlier available only for paid users.

Google Workspace is different from Google accounts used by individuals

For users, who are unaware of the fact that Google accounts are different from Google Workspace in many situations:

  1. First of all, Workspace is paid.
  2. You get a different domain name here @yourcompany.com
  3. Unlimited drive storage
  4. Users can make small adjustments to security and privacy settings according to their needs.
  5. 24/7 phone and email support.
  6. Neither do you see ads or does your data get used for ads?

Why migrate to Google Workspace?

The spur behind revamping G Suite to Google Workspace was to meet the needs of remote users.

Whether it is an individual, enterprise, or educational institution, all prefer Google Workspace for their everyday need. From Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, to Meet, all the productivity apps that you need and love are available in a single place.

  1. In comparison to other cloud-based platforms, Google Workspace is relatively cheaper, without any compromise on the services provided.
  2. This platform makes it easier to interact, engage or collaborate using great tools like Sheets, Docs, and Slides.
  3. Google is renowned for its strong security features, it uses a multi-layered approach to protect its data.
  4. You will have access to a wide variety of tools-Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Keep, etc. all in one place.

Using ‘Google Workspace Migrate’ to move data to Google Workspace domain

The main motive of Google behind building “Google Workspace Migrate” was to help enterprises, and corporate customers migrate their large data to the Google Workspace domain. You can run this software either on-premise or on the cloud.

Google also gives you an option to migrate your data to either on the premise or cloud, but Google recommends you to move your data on the cloud.  Since there is no infrastructure to maintain and also doing this reduces latency and improves overall migration performance. This is because Google Workspace APIs have a faster response time.

The different platforms (Source) that Google allows to migrate to its Google Workspace (Destination) are:

  1. Microsoft Exchange
  2. Microsoft SharePoint
  3. File shares
  4. Microsoft OneDrive
  5. Box
  6. Google Workspace

Why do we don’t recommend using Google Workspace Migrate to move your data?

Google has always been on the up and up, no doubt on that. But that doesn’t prove that all the products and services it provides can be trusted with the same intensity.

The Google Workspace Migrate talked about above transfers the data but does not guarantee its security. It also doesn’t provide it’s with support while you migrate your data to Google Workspace. So it’s up to you if you want to skate on thin ice.

Why not plump for a better alternative instead?

SysTools Cloud Migration tool holds a dominant position in the market. To date, this tool has migrated over 700 million+ data items successfully. This makes it a tool to depend on for your important data. Whether it is a cloud to cloud or on-premise to Cloud-based migration, it can be done with ease.

The source from where the tool can be migrated to Google Workspace are:

  • Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
  • HCL Notes (Lotus Notes)
  • Google Workspace (G Suite)

The data that will be migrated to Google Workspace are emails, events, attachments, archive folder, contacts, documents, appointments, shared mailbox. It can also migrate multi-users in batch mode. You can also view the real-time status of your migration process on your screen and monitor multiple accounts being migrated at the same time.

The demo version of the migration tool supports to migrate 2 accounts to Google Workspace for free. Please visit the official site for complete information. Download the tool for trial here: