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How to Export G Suite Calendars from Single/Domain Accounts to Local System

export g suite calendars

G Suite is among the most used cloud application suite. It was previously known as Google Apps. With G Suite set of applications, one can easily manage emails, contacts, calendars, documents, presentations, etc on the cloud. It makes it possible to work from anywhere at anytime, provided that you have a working internet connection. Sometimes users need to download the data from G Suite to their local system. The reason can be migration of the said data, for backup or other purposes. In this article, we will discuss one such query of users i.e., How to Export G Suite Calendars?

Here, you will learn the method to export emails from G Suite for a single account as well as from multiple email accounts at once.

User Query from SpiceWorks Forum:

Hi, We are trying to export all calendars from the user accounts in our sales deptt. Although it is easy to do so for individual email accounts, I haven’t been able to find a way to export all calendars from all G Suite accounts in a domain or organization.

Neither GAM has this facility, nor can I find codes or scripts to do so. Maybe if I has some programming skills, I could try to use G Suite API for this, although I am not sure it would work as well.

Anyhow, can I have some help regarding the matter?


It is clear from the query above that the user wants to know how to export calendars from multiple G Suite accounts. Although it is hinted that the user is aware of the individual export method, we will still be displaying it in this article. So, let us start with the process one by one.

#2 Methods to Export G Suite Calendars to Local Computer

First, we will be taking a look at the individual export method. Then, we will follow it up with the bulk domain export solution. Choose the method as per requirements.

Extract Calendars from Individual Accounts

Alert: This method is for exporting calendars from individual accounts only. For multiple accounts, repeat the steps for each G suite account one at a time.

Exporting All Calendars:

  1. Open the Google Calendar and login using the account credentials.
  2. Click on the Gear button at the top right section and select Settings.
  3. Click Import & Export to download the calendar events.
  4. Now, click on Export under Export option.
  5. The browser will download the ZIP file to your computer. This ZIP file contains the ICS files for each of your calendars.
export all calendars

Exporting One Calendar Only:

  1. In the Google Calendar window, click the My Calendars section to expand it.
  2. Highlight the calendar you wish to export and click More (3 dot button)
  3. Select Settings and Sharing tab.
  4. Now, under the Calendar Settings, click Export Calendar option.
  5. An ICS file will be downloaded that contains all the events of the selected calendar.
export one calendar

Export Calendars from G Suite for Multiple Accounts At Once

Alert: This method has two options: Single Account and Domain Accounts. Thus, a user can easily export data from single as well as multiple G Suite accounts at once. Other than calendars, the software also provides option to export contacts, emails and documents. Its all about the preference of the user. It uses a Windows oriented application i.e., SysTools G Suite Backup Tool.

  • Download and Install the application.
Download Button
  • Run the app and click on the Backup button.
click backup button
  • Choose Domain Users for multiple accounts.
select user account
  • Provide the admin credentials and input the CSV file that contains all the user information from which  you want to export calendars.
enter g suite credentials
  • The tool will display the list of users, click Next button.
view csv list
  • Now, select EML format as it will export the calendars to ICS files. Choose Calendars from the list and click Start button.
select calendar
  • The application will process and export all the calendars from all the email accounts on the local computer.
export successful

There is a prerequisite to add scopes so the software is able to process the G Suite calendars, You can find the steps to do so in the How-to Guide. Or, you can also have the 24/7 technical support team guide you.

Wrapping Things Up

There are users who want to keep a copy of all the G Suite calendars on the local computer. It can be for the purpose of migrating to other email service, or for the sake of keeping a backup. Whatever, the reason, it becomes necessary to find ways to export G Suite calendars. In this regard, two methods are discussed here. The first method is an easy way to export calendars from G suite account individually. While the second method makes the export of multiple email account calendars a piece of cake. You can follow the desired method and easily obtain the G Suite calendars on your local system.

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