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How to Extract Data from DMG File


This blog provides a complete solution that allows you to easily open the contents of a DMG file in a human-readable format. Therefore, this blog is useful for personal use and forensic research.

With the increase of technology, crime is increasing every day around the world. For this reason, computers, mobile devices, and other interconnected devices play a central role in criminal cases and investigations. Thanks to digital forensics, we can now extract data from DMG file evidence from people’s electronic devices.

How to Extract DMG File?

The problem now is to get the data from the disk image. DMG files can be locked with a password without using external programs. The lock prevents any changes or modifications when checking forensic emails. Extract DMG file, therefore, requires a dedicated open DMG file application that can efficiently extract the content of the DMG file on Windows platforms without modifying the original content.

Note- Therefore, the prosecutor can present this evidence once it has been gathered to obtain a conviction.

Which Software is Best Suited to Open DMG File on a Windows?

You can use this DMG Extractor Software, It is designed to deep scan DMG files and displays data in dashboards in three different formats, e.g. HEX. The utility can also open E01 and DD files and provide information in the preview window.

What’s More – With this Application, one can analyze data of an email and its associated attachment. The application is widely supported by the Windows Operating System. Now, let’s understand how the tool works and examines a digital DMG data file.

Step by Step Guide to Extract Data From DMG File Format

The following is a simple step-by-step guide for view disk image files. You must first download the software, then do the following:

Step 1: Firstly, you have to Download and Install DMG Extractor Software.

Download and Install DMG Extractor

Step 2: Now, Click on the Open button and choose the type of the file format from which you want to extract the data.

  • DMG for Mac OS Disk Image.
  • E01 for Windows OS Image.
  • DD for Linux/ Unix Disk image.

Open button

For your file, you should select the DMG data file as it is Mac OS Disk Image

Step 3: Now, You have to click on the Browse tab to choose the desired macOS DMG file.

 Browse tab to choose the desired

Step 4: Afterwords, you have to click on the scan tab, then successfully scanning the file, it will display all the files and folders on the preview panel.

Display all the files

Step 5: Lastly, you can either Preview or Save the file you want. choose the file and perform the action to it that you want.

DMG Viewer: Search Option

Last Verdict

Digital forensics has become an important aspect of the investigation of crimes in everyday life. With the increase in technology, cybercrime has increased. To solve this problem, it is very important to use a tool that extract data from DMG file format of a computer that can be connected to the crime scene. Therefore, we looked at a solution to open DMG files on computers other than Mac systems without using Disk Utility.

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