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How To Fix DMG File Not Acknowledged Error ?


DMG files are Disk Image Files of Mac OS X. Sometimes, when users try to access DMG file then they receive an error message “DMG Not Acknowledged” on their screen. This error mainly occurs due to corruption or incomplete download. Most of the users do not know how they can solve the error. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss various manual solutions to fix Mac DMG file not acknowledged error.

DMG File Not Acknowledged Error

Symptoms Of DMG File Not Acknowledged Error

  • The processing speed of the Mac Operating system gets slow
  • Running Mac programs gets terminated suddenly
  • Mac data get lost or become inaccessible
  • Files on Mac OS get corrupted or damaged
  • Installed programs get crashed or freeze often
  • Error messages prompt on the screen that “DMG not acknowledged error”.

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Users Queries Related To DMG Not Recognized

  •  “I have updated my Mac OS based system. After that, when I was trying to access DMG file then an error message “DMG not recognized” appeared on my computer screen. I have tried many methods, which I know to solve this error but I failed. Please help me with the relevant solutions.”
  •  “My Mac DMG files got corrupted due to some virus attack and due to the corruption, I cannot access those files. I have no idea how can I resolve this issue. Is there any who can help me to fix “DMG not recognized error?”

Causes Of DMG Not Acknowledged Error Message

There are various reasons behind Mac error i.e DMG not acknowledged. Due to this error user cannot open or access DMG file. Some of those causes are mentioned as below:

  • Mac Header File Corruption: To access Mac data header file of Mac is required. Due to the corruption of header file, the Mac data files become inaccessible.
  • Human Mistakes: Accidental deletion of Mac files, formatting of Mac files, closes program unintentionally are some common human mistakes, which makes Mac files corrupted or damaged. In this case, missing the Mac file issue arise.
  • Sudden Termination Of System: Sometimes due to power surge, Mac machine gets terminated suddenly, due to which some of the Mac files fail to mount and become unresponsive.
  • Virus Attacks: Mac OS is safe as compared to Windows in the matter of virus but still some nasty viruses enter into the system and make installed programs and applications inaccessible.
  • Problem In Boot Sector: When a problem in boot sector arise then Mac fails to load files. In this case, the system fails to open the file and file cannot be accessed situation occurred.
  • Improper Installation Of Program: If unwanted applications and programs are installed without checking its source and agreement then DMG not recognized error occurred.
  • Hardware and software issue: It is a common issue that can be quite responsible for the Mac DMG file not acknowledged error.
  • Interrupted Read/Write Operation: When we interrupt read/write operation in midway then it may also lead to an error of DMG not recognized.
  • Modification In BIOS Setting: When we make some changes in BIOS sector then it may lead DMG file not recognized the problem.
  • The kernel Panic Issue: kernel is the main part of Mac OS but due to corruption in Kernel user becomes fail to open the Mac DMG files or unable to start applications.

Precautions To Avoid DMG Not Recognized Situation

There are various precautions and tips are available to avoid DMG file not recognized the problem. Some of them are listed below:

  • Stop using Mac system at once, if DMG File Not Recognized issue arise and go for inbuilt disk recovery option.
  • Never overwrite the free space that has been created after deletion of Mac files.
  • Always have a proper backup of your saved Mac files to overcome DMG Not Recognized issue.
  • Always keep your Mac system update with security fixes to protect from virus
  • Avoid downloading software from suspicious or untrustworthy websites because the downloading of software from suspicious sites can destroy the system and can cause the error of DMG not acknowledged.
  • Do not restart the Mac system
  • Do not switch off the Mac machine to avoid DMG not acknowledged error.
  • Avoid updating of system files
  • Do not share new data after corruption issue
  • Always shut down your system properly
  • Search the Mac trash files
  • After performing the above steps the DMG not recognized error is resolved.

Manual Methods To Solve DMG Not Recognized Error

Method 1: Sometimes, the error of DMG not recognized have not been resolved by performing this method. Then follow the below mentioned steps to remove the DMG file not recognized error:

  • Search and launch the Disk Utility
  • Click on check file system option
  • Wait till the scanning process gets over
  • Select the file that you want to mount it.

Method 2: If there is a problem with the Mac system then follow the below-mentioned to fix DMG not recognized error:

  •  Insert the Mac Bootable CD or Flash drive and then restart the system
  • Click on Install Mac OS X option
  • Continuously press the “C” button from your keyboard
  • Accept the license agreement and then select the desired language
  • Click on Macintosh HD
  • After that, click on Options icon to select the installation method. Further, if you want to save your personal file folders, user accounts, and networking accounts then click on Archive to Install” and select Preserve Users and Network Settings
  • Restart your Mac machine and reply to configuration prompt to resolve the DMG not acknowledged error.
  • Then, after performing all the above steps the DMG file not acknowledged error will be resolved.


DMG files are required to install applications in Mac system. If DMG not acknowledged then a user cannot install any program on Mac machine. After downloading DMG file when the user tries to access that file then sometimes an error “DMG Not acknowledged” occurs on the user screen. There are various reasons behind this error such as accidental deletion of Mac files, formatting of Mac files, Mac header file corruption, virus attack, a problem in the boot sector, etc. Manually, DMG file not acknowledged error can be solved by running Disk Utility and by reinstalling Mac OS X.