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How to Import PST File in Roundcube? – Quick Solutions

import pst file in roundcube

I am planning to move from Outlook to Roundcube. As my Outlook contains some important emails, I have to migrate them to Roundcube. Can anyone tell me how to import PST file in Roundcube in an easy way. I am not a technical person and that why I am switching to Roundcube. So kindly suggest me some solution which is feasible for novice users.

I am supposed to send my Outlook data to a Roundcube user. But we both know that Roundcube does not support PST file. So, what other options do I have other than importing PST file to Roundcube? Do I need to convert the PST file and if yes, then in which format? Please suggest.”

The above queries mention the scenarios when people need to open Outlook data in Roundcube Mail client and that is when the question comes: how to import PST file in Roundcube. Here, we will unfold the method best suitable for migrating Outlook PST file to Roundcube.

Understanding the File Systems of Outlook and Roundcube

While Outlook data is locally stored in PST format, Roundcube does not support PST file. Roundcube supports MBOX file and can import EML, HTML, etc. files to migrate emails from other email clients. Thus we can see here how the supported file formats of these emails clients are different from each other.

How to Import PST File in Roundcube

As we have just explained to our readers, there is no direct way to move PST file data to Roundcube due to file format incompatibility. Hence comes the need of file format conversion. Roundcube supports EML file format for importing email data, so it is better to convert PST to EML for Outlook data import.

The Next Big Question Is: How to Convert PST File to EML

There are two ways in which you can convert Outlook data file. We are going to mention both the processes in this segment.

Best Way to Import PST File in Roundcube

When it comes to saving Outlook emails from PST to Roundcube supported EML format, PST Converter Tool is the right application to choose. Coming from the house of SysTools, a trusted name in the software industry, the utility performs file conversion in some quick and easy steps.

Step 1. Download the software now and install.

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Step 2. Launch the tool and add PST file in it.

add outlook pst file

Step 3. After the emails are loaded, preview them. Select the emails that you need and click on Export.

preview and export emails

Step 4. Click on EML and apply any advanced settings if needed.

Import PST File in Roundcube via EML

Step 5. Click on Export button to start the conversion.

Import PST to Roundcube using EML

Step 6. Open Roundcube and click on Settings icon.

Step 7. Select Import Messages and select the EML files that have been created.

Roundcube will import the EML files in no time.

Manual Method to Import Outlook PST File to Roundcube

In case you have only a few emails to import in Roundcube email, and not willing to spend any money, then you may go with the manual options of file conversion. For that, you will need MS Outlook installation on your computer.

a. Open Outlook email on your system.

b. Navigate to the folder that has your required emails. All email list will be available on the main panel.

c. Select one email and drag and drop it on your desktop.

d. The email will be saved as MSG file.

e. Now, you need to change the file format to EML by using rename option.

f. Repeat the same process again for multiple emails.

g. Once the email is changed into EML format, it is time to import them in Roundcube.

h. Use the setting icon and choose Import Messages options to perform the importation in Roundcube.

Why Choose the Software over Manual Method

There are many reason who most people prefer to use this application to import PST file in Roundcube. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Works without Outlook Installation: The software does not need MS Outlook. It can directly convert the emails from PST file.
  • Process Bulk Emails at Once: With the help of the automated method,a large number of emails can be saved in EML format. Thus it saves the time and effort of the users. Users can export emails from PST file of any size and any version.
  • Additional Features: This software also offers features like naming convention and date range based export. These features are not possible to apply in manual method.

Author Suggestion

How to import PST file in Roundcube is a common query among users who want to open Outlook data file in Roundcube. This blog answered this question by describing two methods with stepwise guide. Users can follow any solution based on their need but it is the automated software that gives you the best result in a seamless way.