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Import Eudora to Gmail – Steps for Eudora to Gmail Migration

Published By Kumar Raj
Aswin Vijayan
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Published On May 7th, 2022
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Looking for a trouble-free solution to import Eudora to Gmail? We got it here.

This article is a free guide to migrating emails from your Eudora account in an easy way. Here, a user can accomplish the migration procedure without losing even a bit of information.

Also, this write-up is beneficial for the users only if they have successfully configured an IMAP account in the Eudora email client.

Want to know how? Keep reading the article.

Eudora is no more an application but an open-source email client available to all. Earlier, it was a desktop application that could only be used on the system you downloaded it on.

Now, being open-source, you can use it anytime from anywhere.

Majorly why users want to migrate from Eudora to Gmail is because of the unique features it offers.

Since Gmail is a famous & most preferred cloud service for communication purposes via emails, users tend to run towards it without any questions asked.

Because Gmail is simpler to use and doesn’t require any configurations or installations to work, it is indeed the best service to use.

Smaller businesses go for Gmail whereas large organizations create their accounts on G Suite.

But how do they migrate their data from one email client to another? That should be pretty simple.

How to Import Eudora to Gmail? Is The Process Complicated?

To directly migrate the data from your Eudora account, one must use a professional solution. We will be explaining the best methods first. So that the users do not waste their time looking at not so helpful solutions.

It is quite easy to understand and works in a quick motion.

Whereas the manual method takes a lot of time. It is divided into 2 parts.

First, you have to download the emails to a local device and then use the ImportExportTools of Thunderbird to import the data.

Direct Approach to Transfer Emails from Eudora to Gmail

This direct approach is the IMAP Migration Software available for all Mac OS versions till the latest ones. The software allows migration from multiple email accounts in a single shot. Before initiating the procedure, do make sure to configure the IMAP account in Eudora.



If there arises a need to migrate emails from a specific time period only, there is a Date-filter feature available. This feature makes it easy for the user to set the duration for the migration.

Moreover, the tool has a feature to keep the folder structure the same throughout the process to import Eudora to Gmail. This means, there will be no changes made to the data or the structure & the integrity remains constant.

In addition, if users feel the need to use the tool again for migration, there is a Delta Migration feature. The objective of this feature is to export only the new data files received after the first process.

Step-Guide of the Software to Migrate Emails in Bulk

1. Install & launch the tool on your Mac machine to start Eudora to Gmail Select the Source as IMAP configured Eudora account & enter the username & password for your account. To assign permissions, hit Validate.


2. Then, choose Gmail as your Destination Enter the credentials for your account and hit the Validate button to verify.


3. Fill in more user IDs if needed by clicking on the Add button in the User Mapping List.


4. After that, mark the Date-filter if you want to export emails from certain time duration.


5. Press the Start Migration option to finish up.

Import Eudora to Gmail

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Manual Step 1 – Import Eudora to Gmail by Extracting MBX Files

Go through the list of steps to start:

1. Press the Windows & R key simultaneously. The Run dialog box will appear. Enter %appdata% in the Open field.

run-dialog-box to Import Eudora to Gmail

2. You will see a File Explorer window opening wherein you have to select the Qualcomm folder.


3. Open the folder and there you’ll find a folder named Eudora. Open it.


4. Here are all the folders saved in .mbx format such as in.mbx, junk.mbx, Out.mbx, etc.

copy-folders to Import Eudora to Gmail

5. Copy these folders and paste them into a separate folder to migrate from Eudora to Gmail.


You can change the file extension from .mbx to .mbox. Now, we have to import these files into our Gmail account.

So, take a look at the next stage.

Manual Step 2 – Importing Saved Files to Gmail Account to Complete the Migration

For this method, you will have to use the Thunderbird application and install ImportExportTools. Also, make sure your Gmail account is configured in the Thunderbird application.

Subsequently, start with the following steps:

1. Configure your account with the Thunderbird application. Install the ImportExportTools add-on to import Eudora to Gmail.

2. On the left pane, you have to right-click to open a menu. Choose the ImportExportTools NG from the menu. Choose the Import MBOX file option from the extended list.


3. From the dialog box that appears, choose the Import directly one or more MBOX files option and hit OK.

Import Eudora to Gmail

4. Once you choose the files, click on the Open button to import these files into Thunderbird with the same folder name.

5. Then, drag and drop the files to your desired Gmail folder and complete the migration.

Downfalls of Manually Migrating Data from Eudora to Gmail

  • With the manual steps, it is clear that direct export is not possible. Users have to go through two stages to get the procedure started.
  • Sometimes, users face certain challenges such as not getting the entire content of the data or the files might get corrupted.
  • In situations where novice users want to apply this technique, it becomes difficult for them to understand the very source let alone the entire process.
  • Also, due to the lengthy steps, the task that should be shortly done takes a lot more time than estimated.

There You Have It!

The operation to import Eudora to Gmail can either be a success or a failure if one doesn’t use the right methods. The tool is a quick working and simple technique to understand which will easily overcome all the drawbacks of the manual method.

However, the manual technique takes more time, complicates the task, and doesn’t guarantee 100% secure results. Hence, experts also recommend using the tool to ensure data safety.